Do Holders of Golden Visas Have to Buy Health Insurance UAE?

5382 Mar 19,2024

Is it mandatory for Golden Visa holders to buy health insurance? This is the common question many people around the world are asking. Get the answer!


Good News! Free Flu Vaccine for Some Residents in The UAE

4909 Mar 19,2024

Happy news! UAE is announced to provide Free Flu Vaccine for some residents! Are you eligible for receiving it? Find the complete details now!


Drones to Detect Your Traffic Rule Violations in the UAE

4830 Mar 19,2024

Get the latest updates on how drones are being used to help keep roads safe and secure. Find out what rules and regulations are in place, and how you can stay compliant with the law.


Violations that Radars Detect Other than Over Speed in the UAE & Traffic fines

5083 Mar 19,2024

The radars are capable of detecting more than speeding-related violations. The UAE is issued the next move to raise traffic fines.


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