A brief guide on UAE Maternity Insurance Cover

5220 Nov 17,2020

According to the law passed by the Dubai Health Insurance in the year 2013, any organization must provide health insurance that comes integrated with maternity benefits for their staff.


What is 'total loss' in terms of your car?

1101 Nov 17,2020

When a vehicle is considered 'total loss', it means that the sum of money required to repair it to its pre-damaged state is more than a certain percentage of your car's value


UAE: Motor insurance premiums drop further but can it last?

806 Nov 15,2020

There has been a drastic drop in all the motor insurance premiums This decline has seen savings of up to Dh300-Dh500 for vehicles that cost Dh-30000-Dh400000.


Where can expats invest for their retirement fund?

773 Nov 14,2020

While working in the UAE, ex-pats must ensure that they utilize their pay. Thus, we take a look at how they contribute to their retirement funds.


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