Covid 19: UAE Makes Push for Vaccination for All to Combat the Pandemic

663 Sep 18,2021

Speaking at the first meeting of the international forum that connects vaccine-producing countries with other stakeholders, the UAE Minister of State for International Cooperation reiterated her nation's commitment to this noble cause.


Major Benefits of Investing in Home Insurance in Dubai

600 Sep 18,2021

Home is not merely an asset or an investment but rather an emotion. Hence protecting your house in all possible manners is always at the top of the priority lists.


The Need for Family Travel Insurance in Abu Dhabi

483 Sep 18,2021

There are many countries in the world that require mandatory travel insurance for travelers who wish to travel to these countries. Some of the most popular travel destinations that require their visitors to have mandatory travel insurance.


How Does Motorcycle Insurance in UAE Works?

724 Sep 18,2021

Owning motorcycle insurance is like owning any other insurance in the UAE. The policyholder pays a fixed amount as premium to the insurance company and in return, the insurance company hedges the possible risk associated with the ownership of the bike.


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