How to appeal if your health insurance claim is denied?

8352 Mar 19,2024

Sometimes you might end up in a situation where your medical insurance claim is denied. You can opt for an appeal process with your insurer to solve the issue.


How Yoga can Reduce Your Health Insurance Costs?

8305 Mar 19,2024

Yoga is a type of exercise that brings the human body, mind, and spirit together, learn how yoga will help people save money on their medical insurance costs.


How gender impacts health insurance premium

8253 Mar 19,2024

Ever wondered how the health insurance premiums are calculated? In the UAE, numerous aspects help to determine the premium of health insurance plans UAE.


Tips on how to claim multiple health insurance plans in UAE

8729 Mar 19,2024

One common question that we have when choosing health insurance is, If it is possible to buy more than 1 health insurance package to cover their medical costs


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