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How Dubai Battles the Pandemic to Ensure Smooth Functioning of the city

751 Nov 12,2021

The article here explains how Dubai battles the pandemic and ensures the smooth functioning of the city making the emirates the envy of the world.


Covid-19: Rules in UAE: Places where face masks are no longer required

1278 Oct 22,2021

The UAE authorities have eased the rules related to wearing masks, these rules are applicable across the country except in Dubai.


Covid 19: UAE Makes Push for Vaccination for All to Combat the Pandemic

728 Sep 18,2021

Speaking at the first meeting of the international forum that connects vaccine-producing countries with other stakeholders, the UAE Minister of State for International Cooperation reiterated her nation's commitment to this noble cause.


Things to know about the free COVID-19 vaccine in UAE

982 Jan 21,2021

Get your doubts cleared regarding the free COVID-19 vaccine available in the UAE.


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