Health Insurance

An insurance policy that provides financial safety to the policyholder against medical and surgical expenses. It recompenses the expenses sustained due to any illness/injury. All this is subject to the terms valid in an insurance policy. The two options are, the policyholder pays the medical expenses out of pocket and later get it reimbursed or the insurance company pays the cost directly. Our website is available with the health insurances and the top insurance providers in the healthcare sector.

Group Medical Insurance in the UAE: The Real Remedy for Businesses

48 Nov 18,2023

Review your group medical insurance plan on a regular basis to confirm that it is still meeting the requirements of your employees. Read for more!


Methods to Calculate Group Health Insurance Premiums

141 Oct 28,2023

When renewing a policy with the same insurer, the claim history is used to compute the premium. Read for more information!


Buying Health Insurance for Pre-existing Conditions; Things Explained

362 Sep 12,2023

Being in a pre-existing condition might make finding health insurance alternatives harder. Read for more details!


List of Health Insurance Checklist 2023

459 Aug 04,2023

Get the checklist that will inform you on how to find coverage that exactly matches your healthcare requirements. Read more!


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