Health Insurance

An insurance policy that provides financial safety to the policyholder against medical and surgical expenses. It recompenses the expenses sustained due to any illness/injury. All this is subject to the terms valid in an insurance policy. The two options are, the policyholder pays the medical expenses out of pocket and later get it reimbursed or the insurance company pays the cost directly. Our website is available with the health insurances and the top insurance providers in the healthcare sector.

Top 9 Tips To Save Money On Your Health Insurance In The UAE

18 Mar 29,2023

Discover 9 effective tips to save money on health insurance in the UAE. Find out how to get the most out of your health insurance policy and protect your health at an affordable cost.


All You Need to Know About Thiqa

43 Mar 24,2023

Thiqa is a comprehensive health insurance program that offers a range of coverage options to its members. Learn more about thiqa including its features and eligibility criteria.


How to Choose Health Insurance for Parents?

36 Mar 23,2023

Finding the right health insurance coverage for your parents can be confusing. Learn the key steps to choose the best plan for their needs, including budget, coverage, and provider options.


Top Facts you Need to Know About Health insurance Portability

33 Mar 22,2023

Discover the essentials of health insurance portability, including what it is, how it works, rules, and tips for taking advantage of the benefits it provides.


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