How to be eligible for Life Insurance and afford it at a lower price?

24 Oct 23,2020

Due to mandatory rules passed by the Government of UAE, it has become necessary to be eligible for life insurance in UAE but also at an affordable price


The effects of Obesity on Health Insurance Premiums

48 Oct 22,2020

The most ideal approach to dispose of the high health insurance premium due to obesity is to reduce body fat ratio and focus on good eating habits.


Safety Reminder for UAE Vehicle Users: Stop Using Tires Older Than 5 Years

80 Oct 17,2020

After a month-long marketing campaign regarding the security of tires by RTA, they concluded that tires with more than 5 years of utilization are not allowed to be on UAE roads.


A Short Guide on Third Party Car Insurance Policy

78 Oct 14,2020

There are various important factors to consider while opting for car insurance. One of the main factors is the type of insurance cover you opted to select.


Easily File Your Car Insurance Claims In UAE

93 Oct 12,2020

Accidents can happen at any time and anywhere. Here we take a look at how to get a car insurance claim during accident thus helping to cover excess expenses


Coverages available under mandatory health insurance in UAE?

96 Oct 11,2020

Certain times the common public faces some expensive medical treatments that they simply cannot afford to pay, where the mandatory health insurance comes in as a boon.


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