Defines "No Claims Bonus" in Car Insurance: The UAE

321 Jan 30,2023

How will the "No Claim Bonus" benefit your UAE car insurance policy? Find out the complete details and merits of maintaining a claim-free year.


How to Check Fines in Abu Dhabi Using Emirates ID?

6153 Jan 30,2023

Abu Dhabi Police impose hefty fines for traffic violations, including parking cars in the wrong area. Know how to check fines using your Emirates ID!


Heavy rains in the UAE: Can you claim insurance for car damages from waterlogged parking areas?

264 Jan 30,2023

Heavy rains are reported in the UAE. Can you claim insurance for damages caused in a waterlogged parking area? Read the article to learn more!


RTA in Dubai Opened New Quick Vehicle Testing & Registration Centre

425 Jan 27,2023

Exclusive news for the UAE! The RTA of Dubai opened a Quick Vehicle Testing and Registration Center at Saih Shuaib. What’s the maximum capacity?


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