How to Get Low-Cost Car Insurance in the UAE

263 Dec 10,2022

Searching hard for low-cost car insurance in Dubai and the UAE? How to find it is one of the most common queries. Find the 5 easy ways!


Does the Car Insurance Policy Cover Airbags in the UAE? - Everything You Should Know

255 Dec 10,2022

Airbags are one of the most important safety features in a car. Does car insurance in Dubai cover air bags?


What to Do When a Car Breaks Down on a Highway in the UAE? - 6 Rules You Should Follow

339 Dec 10,2022

Abu Dhabi police issued six rules of safety measures for motorists to follow when they run into a problem when driving at night. Read more:


Violations that Radars Detect Other than Over Speed in the UAE & Traffic fines

394 Dec 10,2022

The radars are capable of detecting more than speeding-related violations. The UAE is issued the next move to raise traffic fines.


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