The Ministry Of Interior App: Report Traffic Accident in UAE

851 Mar 05,2021

The mobile application of the Ministry of Interior, UAE. You can get accident report from the app with a smart notification after you file the accident report.


Contact UAE Police Easily With The E-Police App

840 Mar 04,2021

The police authorities of the UAE can be contacted via the e-police service of the Ministry of Interior (MOI), which is available on the mobile app of the Ministry, 'MOI UAE.'


33% drop in criminal case around Dubai's school zones

659 Mar 01,2021

In a recent survey conducted in Dubai, the zones surrounding the school areas have seen a rapid drop in traffic accidents by 78% and criminal accidents by 33%.


Difference between individual and group life insurance

829 Feb 15,2021

A life insurance scheme lets you build financial networks for your neighbors if you no longer look after them or if you unexpectedly lose money.


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