How to Skip Paying at the Salik Toll Gates in Dubai?

1493 May 10,2023

At some times of the day, Salik is absolutely free. Visit a gas station in Dubai or purchase a tag online to register for your Salik. Read on!


The Premiums of Medical Insurance to Rise by Up to 20% in the UAE

180 May 09,2023

Previously low-risk pre-existing medical issues may now be viewed with more caution. Read on for more details.


A Complete Guide to Dubai's Mandatory Health Insurance Laws

986 May 08,2023

It is crucial to comprehend the legal requirements for health insurance as a resident or ex-pat of the United Arab Emirates. Read on!


Online Methods to Check and Pay Abu Dhabi Police Fine

1101 May 04,2023

Let's find out the common traffic violations, fines, and black points! We also share the methods to check the fine online and make payments.


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