Reasons Behind UAE Motorists Pay Higher Vehicle Insurance Premiums

453 Feb 09,2023

Here we explain why motorists in the UAE are paying higher vehicle insurance premiums. It’s crucial to notice the changes in the market


RTA in Dubai to Impound Vehicles Spotted Violating Traffic Rules

205 Feb 09,2023

Dubai RTA signed an agreement with Emirates Parkings to start impounding vehicles that violate traffic rules. What’s the consequence? Read more!


How to Check a VIN in the UAE; Explained

817 Feb 08,2023

Nowadays, people are buying used cars in Dubai and the UAE. So, we remind you to check the VIN without any compromise. But how? Get the details!


Possible to Renew an Expired Driving license If an Expat is in the UAE on a Visit Visa?

800 Feb 06,2023

We all know that a driving license is a must! Can an expired one be renewed if an ex-pat is in UAE on a visit visa? Get the details, along with a fee list!


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