Does your credit score affect your car insurance premium?

4880 Mar 19,2024

Insurance rates for identical cars bought on the same day can differ. Have you ever wondered why?


Grace Periods and Car Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

2 Mar 19,2024

Taking a car insurance policy in the UAE is obviously important. But what happens if you have missed your monthly payment? Are you going to face any troubles?


Why Do You Need Expat Car Insurance in Dubai?

4877 Mar 19,2024

Dubai is not only a famous holiday destination, but it is also a popular place where dreams come true. Every year, thousands of people migrate to UAE in search of jobs.


What Is the Maximum Amount You Can Spend in Dubai for a License Plate?

4948 Mar 19,2024

People are passionate about more than just premium brands. For luxury car fans, license plates are quite important. Many people pay millions, if not billions, of dollars to get the license plate they want to match their amazing car.


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