New Campaign to Promote Road Safety in UAE: DH500 Fine for Not Giving Way to Pedestrians

490 Feb 14,2022

UAE officials have started a new campaign encouraging safe driving and urging motorists to prioritize pedestrians when crossing streets to avoid run-over accidents.


Explaining New Labor Law in UAE: What You Need To Know

420 Feb 09,2022

According to the new labor law, contracts will be issued for remote work, shared jobs, flexible, temporary, part-time, and full-time jobs in the private sector. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation issued 12 types of permits on Feb 2, 2022, in accordance with the six work models outlined in the UAE's new labor legislation.


Can Death Be Covered by Health Insurance?

611 Feb 03,2022

In Dubai, medical facilities and medical insurance are necessary aspects of our life. From little expenses such as doctor consultations to major ones like hospitalization and surgery, health insurance helps citizens of the UAE manage their healthcare costs.


What Is the Maximum Amount You Can Spend in Dubai for a License Plate?

731 Feb 03,2022

People are passionate about more than just premium brands. For luxury car fans, license plates are quite important. Many people pay millions, if not billions, of dollars to get the license plate they want to match their amazing car.


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