Possible to Renew an Expired Driving license If an Expat is in the UAE on a Visit Visa?

1608 Mar 19,2024

We all know that a driving license is a must! Can an expired one be renewed if an ex-pat is in UAE on a visit visa? Get the details, along with a fee list!


Apply for International Driving License Within 5 Minutes in Dubai

738 Mar 19,2024

Planning a road trip in Dubai? Apply for an international driving license in Dubai within 5 minutes. Cost, validity, process, etc. are explained.


Heavy rains in the UAE: Can you claim insurance for car damages from waterlogged parking areas?

3833 Mar 19,2024

Heavy rains are reported in the UAE. Can you claim insurance for damages caused in a waterlogged parking area? Read the article to learn more!


RTA in Dubai Opened New Quick Vehicle Testing & Registration Centre

731 Mar 19,2024

Exclusive news for the UAE! The RTA of Dubai opened a Quick Vehicle Testing and Registration Center at Saih Shuaib. What’s the maximum capacity?


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