The Need for Family Travel Insurance in Abu Dhabi

8253 Mar 19,2024

There are many countries in the world that require mandatory travel insurance for travelers who wish to travel to these countries. Some of the most popular travel destinations that require their visitors to have mandatory travel insurance.


Car Insurance Claims in UAE Rises 45% as More Vehicles Hit the Road

8361 Mar 19,2024

Car Insurance claims have risen by 45 percent as compared to last year as COVID-19 restrictions have been easing in the UAE. More and more cars are hitting the streets now as business activities steadily increase to pre-covid levels.


Importance of Home Insurance & When to Renew it?

8257 Mar 19,2024

Home insurance is a hedging tool to protect your bellowed house from all possible damages in the future. Home insurance can protect both the structure and the valuable objects within the house giving the homeowner a much-deserved peace of mind.


Abu Dhabi To Bring Covid-19 RT-PCR Testing Cost Under Health Insurance

8342 Mar 19,2024

Abu Dhabi government is to bring Covid-19 RT-PCR testing cost under health insurance cover initially to Abu Dhabi residents and later to other Emirates as well.


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