What Is the Maximum Amount You Can Spend in Dubai for a License Plate?

776 Mar 19,2024

People are passionate about more than just premium brands. For luxury car fans, license plates are quite important. Many people pay millions, if not billions, of dollars to get the license plate they want to match their amazing car.


Stolen Car Insurance Claim Process - Everything You Need to Know

746 Mar 19,2024

UAE is a country where vehicle theft cases have decreased at a significant rate over the last few years. But car thefts have been a problem from the very beginning. The saddest aspect about car theft cases is that the majority of them are labeled as unrecovered.


What Every Licensed Driver Needs to Know About Non-Owner Car Insurance?

715 Mar 19,2024

One of the main misconceptions about car insurance is that it is mainly for car owners. But the fact is, it is based on the CAR itself rather than the owner.


Tips to Avoid Car Insurance Scam

716 Mar 19,2024

Car insurance scams have become a common occurrence in the UAE. Here are some tips useful in spotting a scam and how to protect your car by insuring it.


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