Steps to Check Salik Balance Online with an Account Number in Dubai

8995 Mar 19,2024

You can simply pay tolls in Dubai with Salik tags without having to stop at each toll gate. Find the steps to knowing the balance online!


How to Skip Paying at the Salik Toll Gates in Dubai?

9095 Mar 19,2024

At some times of the day, Salik is absolutely free. Visit a gas station in Dubai or purchase a tag online to register for your Salik. Read on!


UAE: Smart Driving Test System with AI Sensors for Evaluation of Drivers

8391 Mar 19,2024

This AI system records every move the driver makes. The mechanism starts as soon as the driver opens the vehicle door. Find the system features!


Can You Expect Towing Service with Car Insurance in UAE?

8428 Mar 19,2024

Do you think the towing service is part of your car insurance in the UAE? It depends on the policy you have selected. Get the complete details now!


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