Grace Periods and Car Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

522 Feb 28,2022

Taking a car insurance policy in the UAE is obviously important. But what happens if you have missed your monthly payment? Are you going to face any troubles?


Why You Need a Medical Test Before Buying a Life Insurance in UAE

392 Feb 28,2022

As citizens of the UAE, we all know that taking life insurance is very important as it ensures financial security and contentment for you and your family.


Why Do You Need Expat Car Insurance in Dubai?

485 Feb 26,2022

Dubai is not only a famous holiday destination, but it is also a popular place where dreams come true. Every year, thousands of people migrate to UAE in search of jobs.


Green Status on the Al Hosn App: No Need for a PCR Test Anymore

537 Feb 22,2022

Previously, residents in UAE had to hand over two negative PCR test results (24 hrs apart) to gain green status after being tested covid positive.


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