Sharjah Launched A Health Insurance System Including Parents of Emirati Employees

4886 Mar 19,2024

The third phase of the health insurance system focuses on the parents of Emirati workers in Sharjah's public sector and the Police are also included.


Companies in the UAE Can Pay for Job Loss Insurance on Behalf of Employees

4922 Mar 19,2024

Now UAE firms can pay for job loss insurance on behalf of employees. Are there better perks for employees who pay higher premiums? Find now!


A Crucial Speed Limit Change on Dubai Key Road: RTA

4898 Mar 19,2024

RTA announcement with immediate effect, the Dubai-Hatta Road's posted speed limit has been lowered from 100 km/h to 80 km/h. Go into detail!


All Employees in the UAE Need Job Loss Insurance from 2024: UAE Ministry

4935 Mar 19,2024

The new UAE rule is in force! All employees must get job loss insurance from 2024, as the ministry announces. Are you eligible to receive it? Find now!


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