Dubai Retirement Visa Program for People over 55 Years Old

1029 Sep 04,2020

The Dubai Retirement Visa Program gives people over the age of 55 an opportunity to make Dubai their residents.


What to Do When Your Car Breaks Down?

1338 Sep 03,2020

Having a car break down can be incredibly scary, confusing, and frustrating. Moreover, it can also be a safety issue if your vehicle is on the road.


Sharjah: 2 year voluntary car registration services started

767 Aug 26,2020

A two-year voluntary car registration service has been rolled out in Sharjah with an intention to ensure quality, efficiency, and transparency in all administrative services.


Dubai: Should employer bear your health insurance cost

1018 Aug 21,2020

In the Emirate of Dubai, business is legally necessary to provide at least a basic policy of Health Insurance through the Essential Benefits Plan (EBP) to their employees. EBP has been built up by the Dubai Health Authority as the minimum level of inclusion required for resident visa approval.


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