Easily File Your Car Insurance Claims In UAE

864 Oct 12,2020

Accidents can happen at any time and anywhere. Here we take a look at how to get a car insurance claim during accident thus helping to cover excess expenses


Coverages available under mandatory health insurance in UAE?

1185 Oct 11,2020

Certain times the common public faces some expensive medical treatments that they simply cannot afford to pay, where the mandatory health insurance comes in as a boon.


Implementation Of New Traffic Rules in Abu Dhabi

750 Oct 07,2020

Abu Dhabi’s ITC has declared new set of traffic rules in the UAE, which were indicated by an announcements made by the media in September


6 Basic things to remember about car insurance in Abu Dhabi

637 Oct 05,2020

Whether you are opting to buy a new or used car, Here are 6 different things that one should know when you opt for a legal car insurance in Abu Dhabi


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