How Long Should You Wait for a Car Insurance Claim to be Settled?

279 Mar 10,2023

How long does a car insurance claim take? When should you file the claim, and what are the types? Here, we explain the complete details! Get it now!


Mobile Police Station in the UAE Expands Services in Sharjah

203 Mar 09,2023

The major aim is to make customers obtain instant services easily. The services include eye examination and license renewal! Read more!


Does Health Insurance Cover Weight Loss or Bariatric Surgery?

342 Mar 09,2023

Discover if your health insurance plan covers the cost of bariatric surgery. Learn about the different types of coverage available and what you need to do to take advantage of them.


A Guide To Total Loss Car Insurance Claims In Dubai And The UAE

1000 Mar 08,2023

Looking for information on total loss car insurance claims in Dubai and the UAE? Our guide covers all the important details, from understanding what total loss means to filing a claim.


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