Motor Insurances

An insurance policy that offers the policyholder against any financial losses to the vehicle due to an accident, theft, or other damages. Unlike other insurances, motor insurance is a mandatory insurance policy. Get further details on motor insurance from our website. Simple tips on avoiding car being over insured, tips on savings on car insurance, general car insurances and lot more are available.

Car Insurance in Dubai: Mistakes You Should Avoid for Claim Approval

46 Sep 25,2023

The major thing is to carefully look into the policy paper, be aware of all the demands, and make sure that you are following the guidelines.


Car Insurance Terms You Must Know

67 Sep 08,2023

Understanding vehicle insurance does not have to be like deciphering a code. Get terms easier, so we are here for your knowledge. Read now!


When Does a New Driver’s Car Insurance Reduce?

413 Aug 28,2023

Insurance companies weigh a list of factors when fixing the rate a policyholder must pay for car insurance. Find the complete information here!


Dubai's Color-Coded Street Signs; Explained

325 Aug 24,2023

Let's explore the significance of some hues and how they help drivers get where they're going quickly. Find a detailed guide!


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