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UAE: Damaged Vehicle License Plate? Avoid a Dh400 Traffic Penalty

48 Sep 19,2023

The Abu Dhabi Police Department has revealed to motorists that they can use the app to replace damaged driving license plates. Read more!


UAE: Methods to get a 35% Discount on Traffic Fines and Reduce Black Points

100 Sep 06,2023

People who drive safely on the first day of the new academic year will get four traffic points deducted from their records. Read on!


New Traffic Fine System in Abu Dhabi with GCC Link-Up

399 May 22,2023

This is due to the completion of a single traffic infrastructure connecting all the Gulf states. Later this year, a new system will be applied.


Abu Dhabi: Slow Drivers to Pay Dh400 Fines on 120 kph Minimum Speed Road

2279 May 17,2023

The first two left-hand lanes of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road, which connects Dubai with the nation's capital, are subject to restrictions.


Online Methods to Check and Pay Abu Dhabi Police Fine

1101 May 04,2023

Let's find out the common traffic violations, fines, and black points! We also share the methods to check the fine online and make payments.


Abu Dhabi Imposes Fines Worth AED50,000 on Motorists for Rules Violation

241 Mar 23,2023

Motorists in Abu Dhabi face hefty punishments for violating driving rules, with fines of up to AED50,000 being imposed. Stay up to date with the latest road regulations.


UAE Announces 5 Traffic Fine Reduction Schemes

2894 Mar 21,2023

Traffic fines in the UAE can be expensive, but with these 5 discount schemes you can get up to 50% off. Learn more about each one and how to apply for them to save money.


Step-by-Step Guide to Dispute a Traffic Fine in Dubai

643 Mar 18,2023

Learn how to dispute a traffic fine in Dubai with this step-by-step guide. Understand the process and the documents required to dispute your fine.


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