Are you driving in Abu Dhabi? Prepare yourself for changes! This is due to the completion of a single traffic infrastructure connecting all the Gulf states. Therefore, there will be a uniform policy throughout all countries, as opposed to the current arrangement, where the penalties for transgressions differ within the area. Additionally, it will imply that drivers from all GCC nations will be responsible for paying fines for infractions committed in any state.

You need to pay the fine when you return to your home country and will be able to do so using the new connected system if this situation occurs. All of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and the UAE will use the new technology.

The new system, which is now going through the final stages, will be introduced later this year. The action focuses on enhancing safety standards among traffic agencies and drivers while reducing the count of accidents.

Additionally, uniformity should make it simpler for GCC nations to exchange data and improve coordination. It is the most recent attempt to update the local transportation system.

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