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About Car Insurance

Car Insurance helps protect your car against the expenses caused by unforeseen events. Car insurance protects insured individuals against the cost of theft, accident, third party liability, and mishaps. The car insurance covers all the legal liabilities, physical damages, traffic collision expenses, and bodily injuries to the owner of the car and third party.

Benefits of Having Car Insurance in The UAE

The are many benefits associated with having car insurance, namely:

- Unlimited liability for third parties in the case of death or injury due to the accident

- Protection from financial liabilities

- Protection from loss of car or damage to your vehicle

- Protection from the cost of third-party property damages

Why Choose is easily one of the most popular insurance aggregators available in the country. We provide an easy and comfortable way to buy car insurance for UAE residents. Our Algorithms help customers with identifying multiple car insurance products that suit their requirements.

We allow our customers to compare different car insurance policies and suggest add-ons to improve the existing policy. These tailored insurance products can meet the requirements of the clients at the best price possible. The customers can take advantage of our 24*7 service center to get assistance with all the queries. We are one of the very few insurance aggregators that offer a simple claim settlement process, with just a click of the button. These are some of the many reasons why you should select for your next car insurance.

Types of Car Insurance in the UAE

Car Insurance policies offered in the UAE can be broadly categorized into two main categories, Third-party and comprehensive car insurance policies. A comprehensive information about both the policy types is given below to give customers a better understanding of the same.

  • 1
    Third Party Liability Car Insurance

    Third-party car insurance policy is mandatory for all car owners in the UAE. Third-party insurance protects any liability arising from third-party bodily injuries or any property damages caused by the insured vehicle. This is the cheapest form of car insurance as it offers protection to the aggrieved third party and is compensated for the expenses caused by the insured car.

    The damage cost to the policyholder for instance in the case of accidental collision, fire, and theft is not usually covered by the third party. Anyone who is buying third party insurance should be prepared to meet the personal car repair expenses arising from the incident from his/her pocket.

  • 2
    Comprehensive Car Insurance

    Comprehensive car insurance not only pays out for all the third party liability caused by the accident but also insure damages sustained to the policyholder. All the third party liabilities that include damages, injuries, and compensation for the death to a third party are covered under comprehensive car insurance. All the personal liabilities of the policyholders arising from the incident such as personal injury, damage to the car, and so on will be covered under this insurance as well. Naturally, the premium for comprehensive insurance is more than third party insurance for the very same reason.

What is Covered in Car Insurance Policy taken in UAE?

Car insurance policies usually provide a set of common services to the policyholders:

  • Towing Assistance - In the case of a vehicle breakdown or accident towing assistance to the nearest shop is provided. The cost associated with roadside assistance service is available if included in the insurance policy
  • Extraction and Removal - Crane assistance is provided to extract or remove the insured car from the site of the incident, in case the car breaks down due to an accident
  • Flat or Leaking Tyre Assistance - On the occasion of a tire going flat, the insurer will assist in providing tire removal or replacing services without any labour charges
  • Dead battery and Refuelling - Assistance is provided to jump-start the insured car engine in order to take it to the nearest garage for repairing the same. Refueling assistance is provided if the car runs out fuel while driving on the road
  • Unlocking Ignition Key - Roadside assistance is provided to unlock cars in the case if the keys are accidentally left inside the car

Additional Covers

If you need additional support from your insurer keeping in mind your specific driving situations or conditions foreseen in your area that could affect your car in some ways, you can always opt for additional car covers.

  • Personal Accident Cover - Personal accident cover covers both the passenger and the driver of the insured card in case of death or injury caused due to an accident
  • Off-road Coverage - Policyholders will cover the possible damages caused to the vehicle while driving off-road
  • Windscreen damage cover - It is offered by a handful of insurance companies in UAE as a whole. Nevertheless, it is an option available for the customer to add to the existing insurance cover. The insurance covers the cost of replacement or repair of the damaged windscreen
  • Agency Repairs - Most vehicle insurance companies in UAE offer agency repair services extension for a period of 5 years.
  • Car rental cover or Cash Benefit - Car hire cover is the most frequently used add-on for vehicle insurance in UAE. The insurance provider will compensate for the cost of hiring another car. Very few insurers provide cash benefits while the insured car is undergoing repair
  • Coverage to Personal Belongings or Emergency Medical Expenses - In the case of loss of personal belongings the insurance provider will cover the entire loss or damage. Emergency medical expenses can be covered with emergency medical expenses coverage policy.
  • Large Third-Party Cover - The policyholders can avail a massive third-party coverage on their car insurance as an optional extra component.
  • Free Pick-Up and Drop-Off - With the insurance pick-up and drop-off cover, the insurance companies in UAE offer pick up and drop off services to the airport.
  • Natural Calamity Cover - As an add on natural calamity cover helps protect the policyholders from the losses caused by natural calamities.
  • GCC Cover/Oman Cover - GCC Cover/Oman cover is for people who drive cars across borders to neighboring countries. GCC Cover/Oman cover provides the much required territorial coverage.

Car Insurance in UAE Exclusions

Car insurance will not be provided if the involved parties found in the following circumstances:

  • Driving With an Invalid License or and Under Intoxicant Influences - If the driver drives his car with an invalid license or under the influence of intoxicants such as drugs, alcohol, and so on. If the driver under any of the above-mentioned situations meets with an accident, the insurance will not honor the claim settlement process
  • Overloading - If the insured car is overloaded at the time of the accident then in such cases the policyholders will not be legally capable to request for a claim
  • Providing Misleading Information or Intentional Damage - If the policyholder has provided misleading information to the insurance provider at the time of buying the car insurance, then the insurance becomes null and void. If the accident or damage to the insured car was caused intentionally the insurance contract between the insurance provider and the policyholder becomes null and void
  • Unethical Use of Insurance Vehicle - If the vehicle is used for the purpose other than the one mentioned at the time of purchasing the vehicle insurance then the insurance becomes null and void
  • Claims Filed After Three Years - Motor insurance companies in UAE do not entertain claims registered after three years from the date of the incident

Details Required to Avail Car Insurance in UAE

The details that are required to avail a car insurance quote are:

  • Driving license information
  • Previous vehicle insurance claim Records
  • Name & license details of other drivers added in the policy
  • No Claim Bonus Details
  • Documents Required to Purchase or Renew Your Car Insurance

In case if you have found a better deal and switching the insurance to a different insurance provider, then you will need the following documents:

  • Driving License
  • Mulkiya
  • Emirates ID

How to File a Claim for Car Insurance in UAE?

It is very important that the policyholder follow the right claim policy if not the chances are that the claim might get rejected. Please follow the below-mentioned steps for a trouble-free claim settlement in UAE.

  • 1. Inform the Insurer ASAP - Contact the insurance provider as soon as possible. This will ensure a fast and hassle-free claim settlement in the UAE.
  • 2. Provide Complete Information and Cooperate with the Insurer - It is very important to notify the insurance provider with complete information that supports your claim. This information can speed up the entire process claim. It is a gesture well appreciated by the claim provider. A detailed list of the required documents can be accessed from the insurance document. Alternatively, call our 24*7 helpline to know more.
  • 3. File a Police Report - In the case of an accident and or theft claims, visit the nearby police station to file a complaint. A copy of the complaint is to be maintained with the policyholder as some insurance providers usually ask for the same.
  • 4. Get the Vehicle Supervised by a Surveyor - When the accident is informed to the car insurance provider a surveyor will be assigned by the insurer to assess the case. The insurance surveyor will evaluate the case amount by inspecting and examining the vehicle to duly process the claim.
  • 5. Final Settlement - When the surveyor’s report is presented to the insurer, the insurer would use the terms and conditions in the insurance plan to assess the insurance cover and come to a settlement formula. The Surveyor’s report usually consists of damages caused to the car and the cost of the repair for the same. Based on this report the incurred expenses will directly be paid to the network garage.

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