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Business Insurance? Is It Necessary?

Business is a person’s regular profession, occupation or trade that generates regular income and running a successful business is not a mere walk in the park. Business responsibilities come along with inherent risks that can severely hamper your business position. Every business has its own set of assets including property, inventory, machinery, etc., that are prone to damage and loss. A business insurance policy provides complete protection to the business in different legal situations. Getting your business insured at the right time enables you to receive compensation for the loss against your claim.

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Business Insurance Products Available

There are different forms of risks that can be severe for businesses’ financial stability. Various business insurances are prepared by insurance companies in order to defend your business in such crucial circumstances,


Public Liability Insurance

Due to any sort of negligence, malpractice or accidents, a business can be the subject of third party legal liability that can eventually turn into expensive court battles. Public liability insurance offers complete protection to the business by offering indemnity to third party liabilities. It majorly covers the compensation claims and legal actions taken by the third party against your business.


Professional Indemnity Insurance

PII (Professional Indemnity Insurance) safeguards business interests by offering coverage against negligence claims by a third party arising from mistakes, errors, omissions, or financial loss caused by the business. The insurance bears the full cost of legal defence against such negligence claim and provides indemnity to the business against any loss resulting from the claim.


Workmen Compensation Insurance

Employees are those assets that steer the company towards productivity and treating them right is the ideal appreciation a business can offer. Workmen Compensation Insurance covers all expenses of medical treatment, disableness, and death resulting from uncertain injury or accident of an employee while serving the business. It basically covers the compensation given to employees for injury or death caused by accidents, disasters, diseases arising during the course of his/her employment.


Marine Insurance

If your business trades internationally that is largely dependent on ships and other marine vessels, then it’s time to think about marine insurance. Offering coverage during damage or loss of cargo, ships, vessels, terminals and any other transport through which business or third party property is transported, acquired or held. Marine insurance offers comprehensive coverage against the potential risks involved in marine accidents.


Medical Malpractice

Medical professionals can be subjected to several judicial proceedings arising from damage caused to the patient. Medical Malpractice offers financial coverage that secures the interests of a medical professional from all the legal liability incurred by the patient resulting from negligence or any act of error or omission. It covers all expenses of a patient who is physically injured, ill, disabled or dead by the act of the medical professional.


Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance provides businesses with the coverage of all the vehicles under one policy. Coverage mainly includes loss or damage to vehicles caused by fire, accidents, disasters, burglary, etc. It offers comprehensive coverage against all the legal obligations, thereby reducing the risk of maintaining the fleet. Furthermore, there are some insurance schemes that cover medical expenses incurred due to mishaps.


Property And Business Interruption

Unlike the usual property insurance that covers the physical damage caused to the business, business interruption policy covers the expected profit as well. It basically helps the business to recover lost income and pays for additional expenses as well. This property and business interruption insurance generally covers fixed costs, commissions, extra expenses, judicial fees, etc.


Contractors All Risks

Contractors All Risks insurance (CAR) is a non-standard insurance policy for construction projects. It provides comprehensive coverage for third party injury, accident, damage claims and property damage arising due to the construction process. Both employer and contractor have to jointly take the insurance in order to relish the benefits of the coverage. The main aim of CAR insurance policy is to safeguard the interests of parties involved in a construction project.


Contractors plant & Machinery

Contractors plant and machinery insurance policy protects your business from any possible loss of investment, repair or replacement costs for plant and machinery. The policy broadly covers damage or loss to contractor’s construction equipment and machinery including cranes, bulldozers, excavators, etc. It offers complete coverage for all the insured plant and machinery whether at work or dismantled.

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We understand that finding an ideal business policy that adheres to all your requirements can be overwhelming. With an aim to streamline your hassles and offer a single-window interface to compare and customize the best business policies from the leading companies, we at strives to make your life easier. We not only offer you the best quotes from the trusted insurance companies in the UAE, but we also find the best possible value for your money with discounted policies.

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Customer satisfaction is the sole objective of our company, hence we strive hard to enhance our customer experience by offering them best-in-class policy comparing services. We don't promote or support any particular insurance company, making us an independent company that only works for locating the best policy deals for our customers.

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  • How is different from other insurance providers? strives to provide a refined comparison, real-time insurance quotes and additional coverage options to suit customer’s diverse requirement. With an extensive industry-specific knowledge and streamlined approach of sourcing the ideal insurance policy for you, has become one of the leading insurance allies in the UAE.

  • How do I find the ideal insurance policy for myself?

    Take assistance from insurance allies like to compare the insurance quotes from hundreds of insurance companies in the region, and handpick the coverage options to create a customized policy that adheres well to your requirements.

  • How do I compare quotes on

    Comparing quotes of leading insurance companies on with a side-to-side comparison is definitely a streamlined approach to locate your ideal insurance policy. Jot down your requirements from the policy, including your specific coverage features and intended premium budget. Scroll through the rates, look out for the reviews, pick the appropriate add-ons, and create a customized policy for yourself, here at

  • Does offer the best price for my insurance?

    One of the efficient features of is that it offers a reformed way to acquire an insurance policy. Locate the best insurance providers in the UAE, offering their best policies and offers. Compare their quotes and locate your policy at the lowest market rates, only at

  • Does protect my interests from any hidden charges?

    There are numerous hidden charges that crop up after you have signed the policy. ensures that all the charges, be it hidden or not, along with every vital information is conveyed clearly before you make the purchase. At, you can be rest assured not to expect any surprises later on.

  • How does one buy an insurance policy on

    All you need to do is fill up a small form with all the necessary insurance details to get instant quotes from leading insurance companies in the UAE, compare them via a side-to-side comparison interface, and select add-ons according to your requirement to source your ideal insurance policy.

  • How does one buy an insurance policy on

    All you need to do is fill up a small form with all the necessary insurance details to get instant quotes from leading insurance companies in the UAE, compare them via a side-to-side comparison interface, and select add-ons according to your requirement to source your ideal insurance policy.

  • How much does it cost to use doesn't charge a penny to find your ideal insurance policy. It is a completely free platform available for customers to scroll through the quotes. They are not entitled to pay any fees to as they directed to concerned insurance provider’s site for final payment.

  • What kind of insurance can I purchase through majorly focuses on providing reliable car and health insurance, with an intention to minimize the risks and maximize the benefits for customers. But apart from that, cover all major insurance policies.

  • When is the right time to buy an insurance policy?

    There’s no such thing as finding the right time to do the right thing. An insurance policy is always beneficial to secure your interests from any sudden mishaps. So one must not delay by overthinking on when to buy an insurance policy, and proceed right away.

  • Does offer consistent assistance after buying the policy?

    Yes, continues to provide its service even after the sale. At, you can expect a strong customer support team at your service 24*7.

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