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Motor Fleet Insurance

As normal motor insurance, the motor fleet insurance is for vehicles used for transportation, courier services. It generally covers different vehicles at a time and is used for four or more vehicles under one policy. This insurance policy fundamentally stands for the effective procurement of your insurance from a single insurance company in bulk amount. This would enable a discount on the premiums to be paid.

Both small and large fleets of commercial vehicles are covered under motor fleet insurance. From spending millions to a few AEDs, the fleet insurance can be profited from the condensed premiums and hours of administration enabling a hassle-free process. As for individual vehicles and the policies associated with them, motor fleet insurance policies are intended to be additional experienced and easy to manage. With a single renewal date, a single payment plan and a single point of contact make the motor fleet insurance flexible. The single point of contact enables hassle-free claims, alteration of the insurance policy, and any other queries.

Who Can Buy Motor Fleet Insurance?

Any business organization which is into transportation services including minibus, courier services, car rental services, large goods vehicles, etc, can buy a motor insurance policy. Motor fleet insurance policy is a wonderful technique to insure multiple vehicles under a single plan and premium. It is hassle free and cost effective.

Things to consider before buying motor fleet insurance in UAE

Before purchasing a motor fleet insurance, there are several aspects that must be considered in the UAE.

- The number of vehicles and types of vehicles to be insured is an important point to be considered before purchasing a motor fleet insurance

- The age and condition of the vehicles also play an important part in purchasing a motor fleet insurance. This in turn affects the premium offered for the insurance

- Motor fleet insurances are cheaper compared to individual vehicle insurances

Types of Motor Fleet Insurance in UAE

At present, in Dubai and across UAE, there are two types of car insurance policies offered:

  • 1
    Comprehensive Full Coverage Insurance

    As the name suggests, this type of insurance policy is an all-inclusive insurance policy. It covers your vehicle from any third-party damages and own damages. Any foreseen losses due to natural disasters, theft, or fire can be covered under comprehensive insurance.

  • 2
    Third- Party Liability Insurance

    A mandatory insurance policy set forth in UAE, the third-party liability insurance policy covers any damage that occurred to the third-party vehicle. This does not include damage caused to your vehicle. Third-party liability insurance is the minimum requirement before registering any of your fleet vehicles in the UAE.

Motor Fleet Insurance Inclusions

Depending on the type of insurance taken the inclusions vary. The general services provided to our policyholders are:

  • Motor fleet Insurance - Provides the benefit of covering all vehicles under on policy
  • Accident coverage - Coverage against loss or damage arising from an accident, collision or overturning of the vehicle
  • External explosion & fire cover - Protects your car against the loss caused due to explosion and fire
  • Roadside Assistance - In case your vehicle breaks down or meets with an accident, the transport facilities or towing assistance to the nearest service station is provided.
  • No claims discount - It’s a discount on the number of years that you haven’t made a claim on your car insurance policy
  • 24*7 customer support - From listening to your queries to resolving them, our active customer support team is at your service, round the clock.

Motor Fleet Insurance Exclusions

Certain exclusions under the motor fleet insurance

  • Any wear and tear on your vehicles are not covered by the motor fleet insurance plans
  • Damage to the engine due to oil leakage is not covered under the motor fleet insurance
  • If the driver does not hold a valid driver’s license or the vehicle is driven under the usage of alcohol or drug usage
  • If your insurance policy is expired or not renewed on a timely basis, then the claims will not be paid
  • Any mechanical and electrical parts that include the replacement cost of brakes, wipers, steering, taillights, headlights, battery cables, ignition switch, etc, will not be subject to any claim
  • If any hazardous chemicals are being transported by a commercial vehicle
  • Except within the geographical area detailed in the insurance policy, any damage other than that will not be considered
  • If the vehicle damage is under the pledged liability of the owner

Benefits of Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor fleet insurance coverage surely has a surfeit of benefits to offer.

  • Motor fleet insurance policies help business compulsions by providing comprehensive coverage against legal obligations. Hence, motor fleet insurance plans diminish the perils allied with maintaining the fleet
  • Any third-party injury or death and damage caused to the vehicle are enclosed under motor fleet insurance
  • Few motor fleet insurance policies schemes cover medical expense support due to any catastrophe and hence these insurance policies provide medical coverage
  • These insurances also provide medical coverage for the driver
  • Covering all the vehicles under a single policy is the major feasibility of the motor fleet insurance plans
  • Any damage or loss to the vehicles due to accidents, fire, burglary, natural calamities, etc can be covered under the motor fleet insurance policy
  • The best benefit of the motor fleet insurance is the claim settlement process is hassle-free, unlike any other vehicle insurance

Why Choose is one of the leading motor fleet insurance brokers that offers a wide range of motor fleet insurances in Dubai and across UAE.

With valuable comparison and easy mechanism, we can offer you the best motor fleet insurance suited for your vehicle. We offer you with:

  • Free Registration Assistance - You may avail of the free registration assistance once connected with along with many offers awaiting.
  • Super Simple Claims - Simplified and easy claims, unlike any other policy broker
  • Quick and Easy processing - Select your preferred insurance policy and your processing will be just in a minute. We will assist you through all your steps
  • Dedicated Customer Support - A 24/7 customer support is available to clear all your insurance related queries

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