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What Is Home Insurance?

Home Insurance covers financial expenses incurred due to certain uncertain events. Most home insurance provides structural cover, personal belongings cover, and liability cover. Home Insurance cover acts as a cushion against the possible financial liabilities arising from uncertainties.

Home is one of the most important aspects of a person's life. People work for years day and night to build/buy the perfect home of their choice. Home is one place that helps people relax and experience joy. It is also the place where people stock all their valuables like jewelry, cash, expensive clothes, accessories, gadgets, and so on, and this where home insurance relevance comes into play.

Home Insurance Policy Features

Most insurance cover providers in UAE offer a certain level of minimum coverage as part of their product offerings. Some of the most common coverages available on home insurance bought in UAE include the following:

- Home insurance covers the liability cover for tenants against any legal liabilities with regards to the lawsuit filed from the part of the landlord.

- Home insurance also offers comprehensive coverage against earthquakes, explosions, accidental damages, theft, to name a few.

- Free customer support for the policyholder 365 days a year.

Types of Home Insurances Available in UAE

Home insurance can be divided broadly into three types they are as mentioned below:

  • 1
    Personal Assets Insurance Plan

    Personal assets insurance plans cover the cost of valuable possessions like clothes, jewelry, and so on. The objective is to offer relief from the financial shock arising from the loss of precious items. Personal assets insurance is one of the most sought after home insurance products in Dubai.

  • 2
    Home Content Insurance Plan

    Home content insurance plans are intended to offer protection against personal property and valuable items within the property. It is kind of an advance plan that property owners opt to secure their precious house and their belongings inside. Home content insurance plans are considered sought-after plans by homeowners in Dubai and across UAE.

  • 3
    Buildings Insurance Plan

    A building insurance plan is a type of insurance policy plan that protects the policyholders from possible home repairs or a full rebuild of the house in case of unfortunate events like an earthquake, fire, or any other natural calamity.

What is covered in home insurance

Home Insurance products offered by all major insurance companies in Dubai, UAE comes with a list of inclusions. Some of the most commonly found inclusions among home insurance products in UAE include the following:

Theft and Burglary Cover - Theft and burglary cover offers cover to valuable items of the policyholder like jewelry, gold and silver articles, precious stones to name a few. To avail of this benefit, the article under consideration should be locked in a safe locker inside the insured home. Only if the above-mentioned condition is fulfilled the theft and burglary cover is applicable for the artifact.

Emergency Alternative Accommodation - If the house under the policy cover is in-hospital then the insurance will cover the expenses involved for emergency accommodation. However, it has to be noted that the insurance will cover alternative accommodation if the house under consideration is damaged due to an incident covered under the policy.

Liability of the Tenant - If the policyholder insured the house to cover for a possible incident in the future. In case if the event under policy cover happens then the damages caused by the same on the insured property will be covered by the policy. Tenant legal liabilities are also covered under the appropriate policy.

Covers When Shifting Home - Home shift covers the damages caused while shifting the policyholder's home. This insurance is in very high demand among expatriates in Dubai who shift houses constantly based on the work availability and cost of the rent. To avail of this cover, the policyholder will have to take professional movers and packers' help for the shifting process.

Unexpected Situations and Natural Calamities - The home of a policyholder is insured against damages caused due to natural calamities like earthquakes, fire, floods, storms, and so on. Apart from this, if the home is damaged due to unexpected events like strikes, riots, and so on, the insurance usually covers them too, as long as it is part of the policy agreement.

Frozen Food Cover - Frozen food cover deals with frozen food gone stale due to power supply shortages. The terms of conditions regarding the cover will be mentioned in the policy agreement.

Away from Home - The insurance plans usually cover the house of the insured, if he/she is away from the house for as long as 60 days.

Stolen House Keys - If the keys to the house are insured then the insurance policy will cover the cost of lock replacements and repair costs.

Contents that are in Open - The contents that are kept open in the insured house are covered if the damages caused to them is an incident covered under the policy.

What is not covered in home insurance

Home insurance policy exclusions are very difficult to tabulate. Every home insurance comes with its unique set of exclusions. Some of the most common types of home insurance exclusions include the following:

- Damage or loss caused due to nuclear war, invasion, and war

- Cash Loss

- Damages or loss caused due to wear and tear, and depreciation

- Damage is caused due to over-running or excessive pressure of electronic devices

How to claim home insurance in UAE

The steps involved in filing the claim process include the following:

  • The first step in the claim process form involves the policyholder informing the respective insurance company regarding the loss/damage to the property under insurance. Note: Insurance companies in UAE have different time limits within which the incident can be reported to them ( this is with regards to the claim for the loss/damages). It can range from 7 to 15 days, hence, it is better to inform them about the incident as soon as you can to be on the safe side.
  • Under the second step, the policyholder is required to inform the insurance company about the incident via an approved medium of communication. The approved medium could be through email, message, call, WhatsApp, or post. The premium holder could call their customer care department to know more about the preferred communication medium.
  • It is important to lodge an FIR before filing a claim. Send a copy of the FIR to the insurance company with all other documents (as requested by the insurance company) to avail of the claim. The document required to be sent by the policyholder to avail the claim includes the following:
  • Owned article invoices, if any
  • Police investigation report
  • Fire brigade report (in case of fire)
  • Repair estimate
  • Supplier’s original invoice in case of replacement
  • Court summons
  • Certificate from the officer concerned to prove disability or death caused by the incident.

Note: The above-mentioned process and the document requirement details are indicative of the process and the documents required while filling the claim submission form. Please consult your insurance provider to get accurate updated information on the same. The process and the document required may vary slightly from one company to another. Some insurance companies might ask for more documents before settling the claim, it is usually assessed on a case by case basis.

Tips for selecting your perfect home insurance policy in UAE

There are more than 35+ reputed insurance companies that offer excellent service to their clients, operating in Dubai and across the UAE. As a prospective client, it becomes very difficult to select the best insurance product that suits your requirement. Mentioned below is a set of useful tips that can be employed to identify and select the right insurance product.

  • 1. Check the Premiums, Inclusions, and Exclusions - While looking out for the best insurance policy available in the market the price of the insurance product is very important. The prospective buyer has to set a budget in his/her mind before investigating the different insurance products available in the market. The next step is to check the inclusions and exclusions offered by each insurance product. Select the insurance policies that have the most favorable inclusions and exclusions at your price point. Check for Add Ons if available, this can further strengthen your insurance product.
  • 2. Check the reputation of the insurance company - Before finalizing on the insurance product of your choice please research the reputation of the insurance company. Check out for online and offline reviews about the insurance company. It is always good to take professional expertise on matters like these, talk to an expert and get their feedback.
  • 3. Check Claim Settlement Ratio - The claim settlement ratio is a very important aspect to identify the best insurance product available in the market. A good insurance company will have well-trained staff, a fast claim settlement cycle, and lower rejection rates. Check these attributes before settling into an insurance product.

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