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While travelling is all fun and adventurous, it can bring some uninvited risks as well. Taking travel insurance before boarding the flight will safeguard your interests from all sort of risks associated with travelling.

Now, will help you find your ideal travel insurance policy through some simple steps. Compare from hundreds of travel insurance policies, customize them according to your needs and get instant quotes delivered from leading insurance providers via email.

Travel Insurance Products Available

Whether you lose your luggage or a hurricane damages your destination, travel insurance will cover all the risks making your holidays safe and memorable. We, at, strive hard to locate the ideal policy that meets your unique insurance needs and budget.

We let you find, compare, and customize travel insurance policies from the leading insurance agencies for comprehensive coverage and flexibility.

Single Trip Insurance


Mostly covering short breaks or one-off holiday, a single trip travel insurance is an ideal choice for frequent travellers. It majorly covers standard travel risks including injuries, theft, trips cancellations, illness, etc.

Multi Trip Travel Insurance


Ideal for people who travel more than twice a year, multi-trip travel insurance offers you an extended trip coverage including all the standard travelling risks for a period of one year.

Group Travel Insurance


Protecting you and your team from all the possible travelling risks, group travel insurance is usually taken by organizations for business trips. It covers some major risks such as emergency medical costs, hijacks, calamities, accidents, deportations etc.

Go To Places With A Travel Insurance!

Travelling is fun when you know you are safe. Covering all your expenses arising from the risks of travelling, travel insurance prepares to tour the places you love and that too stress-free. At you can find your ideal policy that aligns with your specific travelling requirements.

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There are specific coverages for different travelling requirements. Its a matter of few moments to locate the customized travel insurance policy at and shielding your trip with complete security.


Scope of Travel Insurance

Find your coverage options to customize your travel insurance plan according to your specific needs.


Passport & personal money

It is a section in the travel insurance policy that covers the accidental loss, damage or theft of passport, personal money or documents. It extends to include driving license, visas and cost of emergency replacement of passport or visa.


Personal belongines & baggage

Offers complete coverage for loss, theft, or damage to personal belongings and luggage. Claims generally range from one specific item to the entire suitcase depending on different preferences.


Cancellation of trip

Covers the trip cancellation/interruption due to injury, illness of the insured, family member, business partner, travel companion, etc. The interruption may also include disaster, bankruptcy, evacuation, terrorism, etc.


Travel delays

Provides reimbursement for extra transportation costs or expenses for meals and accommodation if the flight has been delayed due to weather or other covered reasons. Generally, the travel insurance policies cover both trip delay with trip cancellation.


Personal liability

Offers coverage for unexpected incidents that can bring financial liability for the damage caused by the insured including physical injury to someone or damage to someone’s property. It is included under both single trip and insurance.


Schengen visa purposes

Specially designed for people travelling to Europe countries, Schengen visa insurance covers all expenses that arise from an accident, urgent health care, emergency medical treatment/death. Minimum coverage is at least EUR 30,000 (USD 50,000)


Optional covers

Choose your specific coverage option according to your travel needs and prepare a customized policy with today.


24x7 Assistance

We not only offer you an interface to compare travel insurance policies, but we also stand by your side until you buy your ideal policy from any of the trusted insurance company in the UAE.

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