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Health Insurances

The entire world has seen health emergencies over the times. In such times, health insurance becomes a top priority for individuals and families. Suppose, you are diagnosed with life-threatening cancer at the peak of your career. These situations will make you regret if you do not have health insurance. Health insurance is the insurance policy designed for people and their families. These are protection guarantees that help your family in severe days of unfortunate tragedies related to health..

Why is Health Insurance more important now?

All the global policymakers and the public have witnessed an unprecedented health crisis like cancer and cholera. It becomes more crucial to think about health insurance now. Families are our first and most important responsibilities. Firstly, you do not need to worry about your treatment and expenses at the hospital. Secondly, you can focus on your speedy recovery. Thirdly, all you need is to look for a hospital that has a tie-up with insurance. Moreover, you can relax after buying health insurance. Your lifetime savings won’t be exhausted if you have a health insurance policy.

Benefits of Health Insurance in UAE

Free medical treatment - A great deal of hospitals are working tied up with Health insurance companies in Dubai. In case of an admission at the hospital, the insured can have a free treatment. All that must be done by the insured is to provide the policy number. Anyhow, if the expense goes beyond the limit specified, the insured can settle it in the hospital itself.

Digital Expenditure

The insurance company pays on behalf of you. You need to concentrate on your health only. This cashless treatment liberates you from daily hospital bills.

No Claim Bonus (NCB)

This is the element of health insurance provided by many companies. This is provided to the policyholder if they do not claim for any treatment in their previous years of insurance. This bonus is provided as a discount or an extra amount while availing.

Ambulance service

If the insured needs to get transported to the hospital or from the hospital, the insurance bears all the expenses provided the insured opt for this service while taking the policy.

Regular Medical Checkup

The health insurance is unique and suitable as per your plan. They cover medical checkups frequently. Certain companies provide free health checkups based on your NCB.

Room Rents

You also avail hospital room rent if you have included this in your policy. The health insurance facilitates all such minute details of your hospital expenses.

Third Party Administrators

The health insurance companies in UAE amalgamate with third party administrators. You can avail a wide range of services like enrolment, claim settlement, premium collection and related services. This should be chosen from the most reliable and easily accessible ones in UAE.

What are the various categories of Health Insurance in UAE

You could choose the most apt policy from the many types of health insurance available, based on your medical needs.

  • 1
    Individual Health Insurance Plans

    Only a single person can avail this plan as it is offered to single policy holders by the health insurance companies in UAE. This plan offers many advantages like cashless treatment, pre and post hospitalization and many more.

  • 2
    Family health Insurance Plans

    To keep your family safe and healthy at an affordable cost, family health insurance plans are the best. Family health insurance plan is a perfect combination of affordability and wider coverage. With this plan, it is easier and cheaper to cover the entire family instead of purchasing separate medical insurance policies for each family member. But, it may restrict the number of policyholders to one spouse and a specified number of children. The sum can be shared by the family members.

  • 3
    Plans by Nationality

    Plans by nationality are usually designed for government medical insurance companies in Dubai and other emirates. Typically health insurance providers offer slightly better benefits to UAE nationals. There are different benefits for expatriates and for UAE nationals for this medical insurance.

  • 4
    Group/Employee Health insurance Plans

    Group/ employees health insurance plans are provided by company/ employers. They are specifically designed to include & exclude employees as they join & leave the organization. As there is only low risk involved in this plan, they are low in premium.

  • 5
    Senior citizen health insurance plans

    Senior Citizen Health Insurance plans are specifically designed for senior citizens who are 60 years old & above. Such plans typically come with discounted premium costs. Only a handful of health insurance companies in UAE offer such types of plans. Also, they ask for a medical check-up before selling out the plan. Additionally, as senior citizens are more prone to diseases and illness, such policies are a little higher when compared to the health plans for young people.

What are all included in the health insurance policy list?

An inclusion list exists for every Health insurance policy in UAE contains the specified medical cover that a policyholder is eligible for. As incorporations fluctuate from one medical coverage Company to another, the administrations recorded underneath can be found even in the least expensive medical coverage in Dubai:

  • Already existing diseases and health illness
  • Pre & post hospitalization expenses
  • Transportation charges
  • Health check-ups
  • Day care procedures
  • Hospital room expenses
  • Medication expenses
  • Newborn and maternity expenses
  • Vaccination and inoculations

What are the services that are not included?

Some of the most common medical insurance exclusions which includes various medical services and treatments that are not included in the plan are given below:

  • Operations that are not necessary - The health insurance will not cover medical treatments in UAE unless they are crucial to the policyholder’s health and wellbeing.
  • Cosmetic Treatments - Cosmetic treatments aren’t included in the emergency treatments and hence cannot be considered for insurance anywhere in Dubai or UAE.
  • Obesity - Health insurance in Dubai does not cover obesity related hospital charges as well.
  • Dental & Optical Care - There is no such medical insurance in Dubai that looks after your dental and optical care. However, some medical insurance provides the emergency dental protection only if you are paying additional premiums.
  • Waiting Periods - Some medical insurance plan benefits just become effective after the client has been a policyholder for a specified period of time, which is called the policy’s waiting period. The most widely recognized examples of medical coverage benefits that have a holding up period incorporate maternity spread, spread for prior conditions, spread for interminable conditions, etc.
  • Voided Policies - Medical insurance companies in the UAE maintain whatever authority is needed to end a medical insurance plan whenever. These policies are normally voided as an immediate aftereffect of the policyholder's activities. Instances of activities that may void a health care coverage plan incorporate illegal activities, (like gambling), not paying the medical insurance premium on schedule, self-mischief or suicide and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

How to file a claim for health insurance in UAE?

You must buy health insurance early to have maximum benefits out of it. No worries about further medical checkups. You should ensure that the policy provides coverage for all diseases. Aim moderately at the sum assured in your coverage. This would be based on all your claims. If you have a high sum assured, you also need to pay bigger premiums. The coverage must be comprehensive in nature. This accelerates the health benefits ahead. The critical illness must be accurately mentioned in the policy. This secures your possibility of any disease that is common in your family history. It can collaborate within the same policy. Claims are provided by submitting the form to the company by the policyholder. This facilitates cashless services to the customer.

Restore the benefits of your health insurance policy. Do not exhaust your savings all at one go. Instead, invest it in health insurance policy today. Clarify the pre-existing, waiting period, and exclusions of policy with your agent in advance. Buy a complete comprehensive health policy today and live your life freely.

  • Within the hospital network

    Health insurance agencies in UAE generally collaborates with various medical clinics and hospitals. These joined forces let the policyholder avail their medical coverage plan benefits without making any installment using cash.

  • Outside the hospital network

    The policyholders will be req pay for any clinical treatment that is outside a medical coverage strategy's system of hospitals. In any case, this sum can be repaid by introducing the medical coverage supplier with treatment subtleties, unique bills and other report confirmations as mentioned by them. The repayment sum is dependent upon clinical protection strategy qualification and to the furthest reaches that have been gone ahead by the insurance provider.

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