Can Health Insurance Cover IVF too?

1279 Feb 03,2022

Having a baby is a 'dream come true' moment for many couples. But unfortunately for some couples, some factors remain as hindrances between them before reaching these happy moments. One of them is dealing with infertility or going through a difficult fertility stage.


Stolen Car Insurance Claim Process - Everything You Need to Know

842 Jan 27,2022

UAE is a country where vehicle theft cases have decreased at a significant rate over the last few years. But car thefts have been a problem from the very beginning. The saddest aspect about car theft cases is that the majority of them are labeled as unrecovered.


Treatment Places for People Who Don't Have Medical Insurance in Dubai

3797 Jan 25,2022

The UAE is a country that continues to put efforts to make insurance affordable for everyone. Albeit the fact remains to be a high-price or luxurious thing for some. Even the basic health insurance coverage costs roughly AED 10,000 per annum on average. With regard to this data, not everyone in the UAE can afford to have health insurance to receive quality medical care allowances.


What Every Licensed Driver Needs to Know About Non-Owner Car Insurance?

686 Jan 19,2022

One of the main misconceptions about car insurance is that it is mainly for car owners. But the fact is, it is based on the CAR itself rather than the owner.


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