While car safety standards may appear excessive to some, it is important to remember that if followed properly, they assure maximum safety for both drivers, passengers, other vehicles, and pedestrians on the roads. Seat-belts, which are required for both adults and children in the UAE, are one of the most important parts of vehicle safety. In the UAE, traffic regulations are strictly enforced, as evidenced by the fact that failing to wear a seat-belt results in a fine of AED 400 and 4 black points for the driver.

While seat-belts help to limit the severity of injuries in an accident, they may not have the same impact on babies and toddlers. In such circumstances, specifically designed child seats are more beneficial since they safeguard children to a greater extent. Due to the structural design, extra features, and other factors, such child seats keep children safe because they have less control over their bodies and may not be fully tucked in with seat-belts.

Recognizing the importance of kid seats, the UAE government has made them essential in cars, with fines imposed if they are not used. Read the article below if you want to get such seats placed in your car or if you want to learn more about the legal and safety elements of child seats in Dubai.

Child seat rules

The UAE government amended the law in 2017 to raise the age restriction for youngsters to use car seats to four years. Because children are more vulnerable in accidents, such restrictions are vigorously enforced in the UAE. The absence of baby/child seats in appropriate circumstances results in a fine of AED 400 and four black points, similar to the seat-belt law.

The last point is essential, because a motorist may only accrue a maximum of 24 black points. The most severe consequence of exceeding this limit is that the driver's licence will be suspended. It should be reminded that the procedure of regaining a licence is time-consuming and may result in severe penalties owing to Dubai authorities' stringent stance on road safety.

With the legislation requiring child seats in car, it is critical for drivers to have open lines of communication with children to ensure that they understand the benefits of such seats. Explaining the need of seat-belts to youngsters is also suggested, as this may prevent them from unbuckling their seat-belts or avoiding their particular seats. These basic procedures might go a long way toward reducing injury in the event of an accident.

How to Purchase Child Car Seats in the UAE

Regardless of the manufacturer you choose, there are certain important considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a kid seat for your car or comparable vehicle. To begin with, the seat should be pleasant for the child while yet being hard enough to keep them safe from jerks and shocks in the event of an accident. Another thing to bear in mind is that the chairs should provide for flexibility. There is always the chance of a lack of compatibility in terms of physical dimensions as the kid develops within the specified period.

Motor Insurance – Another Must-Have for UAE

Drivers In order to enforce traffic regulations even more strictly, officials in Dubai and the UAE have made car insurance compulsory. If a motorist does not have this paperwork, they will risk significant fines as well as further scrutiny by police authorities. Third-party insurance is mandatory, and it pays the insurance amount to a third-party rather than the insured in the event of an accident.

Several well-known companies in Dubai provide both third-party and comprehensive insurance, the latter referring to policies that cover both third-party and the policyholder's car in the event of an accident. Customers, on the other hand, may be confused by such a large number of selections.  The main advantage of using policyhouse.com to look for car insurance in Dubai is that you can look at a variety of options while getting all of the necessary information in one place. Furthermore, you can always buy the plan straight from our website after comparing and picking the best choice for a hassle-free and rapid purchase of motor insurance online.

Bottom line

Dubai is recognized across the world for its strict adherence to traffic regulations, which ensures that everyone has a pleasant and safe journey on its beautiful roadways. With the rise in the number of vehicles and children riding in them, there is now a greater awareness of kid safety precautions in Dubai. Baby seats, often known as child car seats, are affordable and efficient in reducing injury to children.

To summarize, make sure you have proper seat-belts, child seats, and insurance in order to avoid penalties and be confident in the safety of everyone traveling with you in Dubai.

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