Small Business Insurance Tips for 2021

450 Oct 30,2021

Insurance helps businesses hedge against possible uncertainties in the future. It does not matter how big or small the business is, insurance helps safeguard the business and keep the risk to a bare minimum.


Covid-19: Rules in UAE: Places where face masks are no longer required

1043 Oct 22,2021

The UAE authorities have eased the rules related to wearing masks, these rules are applicable across the country except in Dubai.


Reasons Why Your Car Insurance Claim May Be Denied

451 Oct 10,2021

Car insurance helps people hedge against the possible losses that might occur during a specific period of time, usually one year. The policyholder can renew the same policy or switch to a new policy at the end of the policy period.


COVID-19:Abu Dhabi Lifts Quarantine Requirement for Covid-Vaccinated Passengers

331 Oct 10,2021

Abu Dhabi has eased various restrictions for vaccinated travelers traveling to the emirates. The new developments are a result of falling COVID-19 cases in the emirate.


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