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RTA Vehicle Status Certificate

The vehicle status certificate, which enables a person to learn all the previous and present information about a vehicle, was introduced by the RTA (Road and Transport Authority). This certificate helps you make the best decision when buying a used car in the UAE

What is Revealed By The RTA Vehicle Status Certificate?

This certificate provides all the necessary information about a car, including:

Insurance type



Ownership History

Circulars & bookings

The state of the vehicle throughout the yearly inspection process

Steps To Check The Status of an RTA Vehicle Test Certificate

Follow these easy steps to check the RTA vehicle condition certificate:

Step 1: Visit the official website of the RTA.

Step 2: Go to the Services area.

Step 3: Select the option marked "Driver & Car Owner Services".

Step 4: Click the "Apply for a Technical Vehicle Status Certificate" option.

Step 5: You are not required to provide any documents to check the status of the RTA vehicle test, but you must submit the VIN.

Step 6: Check the status.

You may only choose this service with the consent of the owner of the vehicle. Be aware that no information about a previous accident involving the vehicle is included in this certificate.

Procedures For Getting The Certificate

Click on the option "Apply for a Technical Vehicle Status Certificate" and take the subsequent steps:

Step 1: Type the chassis number of the vehicle.

Step 2: A confirmation code will be sent via text message to the registered phone number of the car owner.

Step 3: To check all the details of the car, enter the confirmation code in the required field.

Step 4: Use a credit card to pay for the services.

You can get the vehicle status certificate by email or through the website by completing these easy steps successfully.

What Are The Associated Service Fees?

Fees for certificate: AED 100

Fees for Knowledge and Innovation: AED 20

This certificate also includes information on a car that was imported after paying additional fees. The signing of an agreement by RTA with foreign companies, including CARFAX America, European AUTO DNA Services, and others, has made this possible. If you decide to buy a used car from Europe, Japan, or the US, these companies can help you find the history of the vehicle.

Don’t forget to check the car's accident history by using the vehicle's chassis number after the completion of the process. If you plan to buy a used car in the UAE, collecting all the information is essential. Getting reassurance about the used car you are going to purchase is very important, and you should never miss any details from official resources.

Make sure you comprehend the RTA vehicle condition certificate before purchasing a used car now that you are aware of what it is and all procedures to get one. This will guarantee that your car is safe to drive and that your purchase was wise.

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