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Choose for swift car insurances.The delight coming with the purchase of a new car will remain intact for a longer period if the car is secured with the right car insurance. Car insurance generally takes care of all the expenses brought upon you through unforeseen events such as accidents and non-collision damages like thefts, vandalism, fire, natural disasters, etc.


Understanding the significance of insurance policies for your car, we strive to find the best car insurance in Dubai for you. Since our inception, prioritizes customer needs before anything and continuously takes efforts in improving our services each day.

Free Registration Assistance

Talk with us and get free assistance at every step of your car insurance registration. Along with our assistance, avail many other offers while you buy a car insurance policy from us.

Seamless Claiming Process strives to simplify the complicated claiming process for you. Get on board with us and your car insurance claims will just be a click away.

Swift & Simple Processing

Once you’ve picked up your ideal car insurance policy, through our swift and simple processing, we’ll prepare all the essential paperwork.

24X7 Customer Support

From listening to your queries to resolving all your issues, our dedicated customer support is at your service round the clock.

Benefits of having Car Insurance in Dubai


Eliminating the need of any middleman (insurance agent or insurance broker), the policy buyer and the insurer deal directly.

Fulfillment of Legal Liability

With motor insurance a legal mandate in Dubai, it fulfils the legal liability of the vehicle owner.


The policy buyer has the freedom or flexibility to choose their coverage requirements.

Off-Road Coverage

With Dubai having many off-roading adventures to offer, the thrill is absolutely worth it with a vehicle that has an off-road coverage

GCC Cover

If you want to venture into other Gulf countries in your vehicle, make sure your policy has a GCC coverage.

Types of Car Insurance in Dubai, UAE

At present, in Dubai, there are two types of car insurance policies offered:

  • 1
    Third-party Car Insurance

    The third-party cover fulfills your legal liability for bodily injuries, death, or third-party property damages, in case you are involved in an accident. But, it does not cover damages caused to your own vehicle. The benefit of buying a third-party cover is that it attracts a basic insurance premium.

  • 2
    Comprehensive Car Insurance

    With the comprehensive insurance plan, you get an extension of the third-party insurance plan. It offers protection for your car’s minor to major replacement or repair expenses as well. In case of an accident, it also covers the damages caused to the third-party as well. Comprehensive coverage also provides protection from non-collision damages such as theft, vandalism, fire, natural disasters, etc. As the plan offers such extensive insurance coverage, the cost of this plan is higher compared to a third-party plan.

What’s Covered in Car Insurance Policy

The general services provided to our policyholders are:

  • Third-party liability & Comprehensive cover
  • Motor fleet Insurance - Provides the benefit of covering all vehicles under on policy
  • Accident coverage - Coverage against loss or damage arising from an accident, collision or overturning of the vehicle
  • External explosion & fire cover - Protects your car against the loss caused due to explosion and fire
  • Roadside Assistance - In case your vehicle breaks down or meets with an accident, the transport facilities or towing assistance to the nearest service station is provided.
  • No claims discount - It’s a discount on the number of years that you haven’t made a claim on your car insurance policy
  • 24*7 customer support - From listening to your queries to resolving them, our active customer support team is at your service, round the clock.

Additional Covers

With car insurance buyers having different preferences these days, we offer various add-on covers in order to meet their enhanced needs. You can opt for them if your basic insurance doesn’t fulfill your insurance needs.

It’s best not to completely dismiss any car insurance add-ons without considering the benefits and protections they may cover. Some of the most essential add-ons that we offer are:

  • Off-road coverage - With Dubai being a great place for desert drives, if you want to explore such adventure driving, it is always advised to get an off-road coverage along with your policy.
  • GCC Coverage - If you are a frequent traveler to the neighboring GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) states, this add-on can be very beneficial.
  • Burglary or theft cover - Offers compensation for any loss and damage resulting from a burglary or theft.
  • Agency Repair - This add on makes your car eligible for repair from the manufacturer from the time of manufacture, and you can also negotiate to extend the time for agency repair.
  • Natural Calamity Cover - Covers your vehicle against losses and damages arising out of almost all-natural disasters.

Other Benefits

There are various other benefits that you can have covered in your policy. They include key replacement, car registration, and renewal service, personal accident coverage for driver and passengers, windscreen cover, coverage against social (strike, riots), and natural disasters (flood, storm).

With, you can easily create a personalized comprehensive coverage policy that caters to your needs.

What’s Not Covered in Car Insurance Policy

Car Insurance in Dubai will cease to exist under the following circumstances:

  • If the insurance policy is not in force. Timely renewals are absolutely necessary
  • Driving with an Invalid license
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or any other intoxication substance
  • Overloading
  • Providing misleading information (Car registration or driving license) or deliberate accidental loss (Loss arising out of an accident or event that was deliberate)
  • Unethical use of Insured vehicle (Carrying illegal substances or using the vehicle for illegal purposes)

No Claim Bonus/Discount

No claim bonus is a discount offered on the premium to the policyholder, for not claiming the car insurance during the policy period. It can be availed while renewing the car insurance.

How to renew car insurance in Dubai?

Obtaining the best and low-priced car insurance in Dubai is as easy as never before:

  • At the top of the page, there is an option to "select emirate" and a 'start' button, After clicking the start button you will be asked details of your car, once all the details are filled, you will be redirected to the list of plans & policies available for your car.
  • Compare plans and policies of different providers and chose the one that suits your preferences.
  • Make instant payment through online payment gateways or debit or credit cards and complete the process.

Evaluate your Car Insurance

New-age technologies and the internet have made it easy to compare insurance plans online. As a streamlined approach to evaluating your ideal car insurance policy, has the tool to compare quotes of leading insurance companies with a side-to-side comparison. Buyers can write down their specific requirements for the policy and create a customized policy for themselves.

An online evaluation helps insurance buyers to save money and avail the best-suited plan at the lowest cost. With the process taking place over a virtual simulation that works on well-structured algorithms, the information provided is highly precise and accurate.

Premium calculation

The premium amount for car insurance in Dubai is determined according to various factors such as:

  • The cost of your car
  • The model or make of the car
  • The purpose for which the car is used
  • Manufacturing year of the car
  • The owner’s age
  • Past driving experience and claim history

How to choose the best car insurance plan in Dubai?

The delight coming with the purchase of a new car will remain intact for a longer period if the car is secured with the right car insurance. Here are some tips to determine the best car insurance in Dubai.

  • Chose the most suitable plan - With various plans and policies before you, understanding your requirements and determining the most suitable plan will make the process much easier.
  • Choose the best service provider - Paying a significant amount for the protection of your car, the quality of service that you receive also matter while choosing a car insurance policy.
  • Check the inclusions & exclusions - It’s always important to check what is and what isn’t included in the policy you buy for your car, by going through the policy document.
  • Know the charges involved - As a policy buyer, you should be aware of the charges that are involved in your policy while buying car insurance and pay the premium only after knowing the coverage you receive.
  • Compare your Insurance Plans - With many car insurance companies in Dubai offering a wide range of plans, always make sure you compare car insurance plans from multiple insurance providers to get the best deal.

Details required to avail car insurance in Dubai

The details that are required to avail a car insurance quote are:

  • Vehicle registration card
  • Details of the driving license
  • Record of any previous car insurance claims
  • Name & License details of other drivers added in the policy
  • Details of No Claim Bonus (If applicable)

Documents required to buy car insurance in Dubai

The documents required to be submitted for your car insurance (Third Party & Comprehensive) are:

  • A copy of your valid Emirates ID or your passport with valid UAE residence visa
  • A copy of your driving license
  • A copy of your car registration
  • No claims certificate (If applicable)

How to File a Claim for Car Insurance in Dubai?

Claiming car insurance might sound like a complicated process, but if you know the procedure, it is easy. Here is the process you need to follow while you are making a claim:

  • Report the accident - Being involved in an accident, it might not be the right time; but still, it is a prerequisite to file a police report.
  • Contact your Insurance Provider - Once you have reported the accident to the police, you can inform and register a claim with your insurance provider ASAP. You would be required to furnish all the exact details of the accident as part of the process of the insurance claim. Availing a claim at the earliest will help you get a smooth claim without any hassles.
  • Car evaluation - After you have registered your claim along with relevant details, a surveyor will be assigned to evaluate your case and vehicle.
  • Final settlement - Based on the surveyor’s report on the damage and actual cost of repair, your case will be resolved according to the terms and conditions of your opted plan and it’s coverage.

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