What Every Licensed Driver Needs to Know About Non-Owner Car Insurance?

484 Jan 19,2022

One of the main misconceptions about car insurance is that it is mainly for car owners. But the fact is, it is based on the CAR itself rather than the owner.


Can Health Insurance Policies in UAE Cover Dermatology Expenses?

639 Jan 17,2022

Today, when the world is trying to escape from various ailments by keeping ourselves perfectly covered in the chilly winters, or saving ourselves from the heat strokes from the fiery summers of UAE, we are forgetting about the small and big illnesses that could come across our everyday lives. One such ailment that we leave behind without giving much attention is the various types of skin diseases.


Negligent Driving in Abu Dhabi Can Cost You a Dh800 Fine & Four Black Points!

654 Jan 10,2022

The Abu Dhabi Police Department has taken strict initiatives in order to avert accidents and safeguard the public welfare.


Personal Health Insurance: Importance & What You Can Expect?

496 Nov 12,2021

The blog here explains the importance of personal health insurance & what to expect from a personal health insurance policy


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