Those out there having access to health insurance in Dubai and state-of-the-art medical facilities do not be so contained. Sometimes you might end up in a situation called your medical insurance claim has been denied. But do not worry! You can opt for an appeal process with your insurer to solve the issue.

Reason For the claim to turn down

Firstly, find the reason your claim was turned down. You can get this information from your insurer. For any queries or terminology that you cannot understand, or for more in-depth information, make sure you approach your insurance company or your broker for further assistance.

Care for the minute details

Simple problems like a doctor misspelling your name or an error made when filling out the claim form will result in medical care applications being rejected. Look for any inconsistencies or anomalies, particularly if you’ve been told that your petition was rejected because of inaccurate or missing details.

Keep your medical records safe

Keep track of all your treatment records. Take your doctor’s help when interpreting your health insurance plan’s medical policy for the treatment type you need. You can also take your doctor’s help regarding medical history information for your claim’s second-time approval.

Keep everything well organized

Keep all correspondence and documentation in one location so you can return to it easily. Have a record of the name and designation of any insurance provider officials you talk with, and always request reference numbers after - call. Some brokerages also have a designated appeals officer who will be the primary point of contact during the claims process.

Follow up on your claim

Don’t forget about your claim until you’ve re-submitted it. Inquire about delivery times and follow up if you have not heard from your insurer by the deadline. A gentle reminder may be all that’s needed to move your appeal forward.

Don’t take out your frustrations on your insurance provider or broker

It is stressful to have your medical claim denied but venting out your frustration on the insurance provider, or broker is not the right approach. Instead, approach them and clarify all your worries and doubts to help you with the appeal process. This will help in maintaining a friendly and courteous relation with the insurance providers.

Look for your doctor for help

Dealing with the medical care appeals process can be too much for you to handle if you are already really sick. Discuss your condition with your psychiatrist. He or she may be able to assist you with your argument. Medical insurance in Dubai is on par with the best in the country; even if your application has been denied, there’s a fair chance you can have it approved by the appeals process.

Get the best medical insurance in Dubai

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