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Health Insurances

Everything is unpredictable in life, including your health. Medical needs vary every day and medical emergencies can derive anytime. Dubai, where the cost of living is on a higher side, managing medical expenses is difficult.

What is health insurance?

An insurance policy that can cover your financial expenses pertaining to surgery or medical expenses incurred once hospitalized. It is basically medical insurance between the insurer and the insured. Health insurance can be considered as benign and tenable financial coverage to a policyholder.

What are the benefits of health insurance?

The major benefit of having health insurance is to be relaxed from the monetary burden. Health insurance assures you a financial backup for the right treatment. Here are a few benefits of availing health insurance.

Cashless treatment

The healthcare sector in Dubai is growing rapidly. Most of the hospitals and insurance companies are partnered across the country. Once you are admitted to one of the insured hospitals, you (the policyholder) can avail of the cashless treatment scheme and get treated without paying any amount. The only requirement is you should hold a valid health insurance policy and the benefit is yours. Post completing your treatment, you are required to give your policy number, and the hospital will tie-up with the insurance company and get the expenses settled. An important point to be kept in mind is, if your expenses exceed beyond the insured amount, the remaining amount must be paid from your end.

Coverage for Pre & Post Hospitalization

With the advanced health benefits, insurance companies also provide coverage for pre and post hospitalization for a period before or after the insurer is hospitalized.

Medical Check-up

Getting a routine medical check-up is very important with increased health issues and lifestyle. Some health insurance plans offer recurrent medical check-ups. If you have steady no-claim bonus history, free medical check-ups are offered by a few insurance companies in Dubai.

Transportation expenses

Not all health insurance policies offer transportation expenses. If your insurance company offers transportation expenses as part of the insurance policy, then you should take it. Any charges related to ambulance charges from one hospital to another will be incurred under your insurance policy.

Room Charges

Once the insurer is hospitalized, the room rent can be taken care of by the insurance company provided your policy allows that.

No Claim Bonus

An insurance policy that has never been claimed against any medical expenses during the policy period is subject to a No-Claim bonus. This bonus can be provided as a premium amount discount or an increment in the sum of assured premium. The No Claim bonus benefit can be availed at the time of renewal as well.

Third Party Administrators

Third-Party Administrators are widely used in Dubai in the health sector as well. The majority of the health insurance companies have tie-ups with third-party administrators for policy enrolment, premium collection, claim settlement, etc. While selecting the best health insurance company, you should also ensure to choose a consistent third-party administrator.

Government policies

The Government of Dubai offers mandatory basic health protection to its residents and citizens including ex-pats. The Dubai Health Authority has comprehensive health insurance for its unprotected residents.

What are the various types of Health Insurances in Dubai

Health Insurance policies are based on the required. Listed below are the types of health insurance policies available in Dubai.

  • 1
    Individual Health Insurance Plans

    Insurance companies offer insurance policies to a single person under the Individual Health Insurance Plan. This plan covers medical coverage against illness and offers several cashless hospitalizations including pre and post-hospitalization.

  • 2
    Family health Insurance Plans

    Family Health Insurance Plans are insurance plans that cover the entire family. In this plan, the total sum insured can be shared by family members included in the policy.

  • 3
    Plans by Nationality

    Like every country, the insurance plans and benefits offered to Dubai nationals are also different. This medical insurance plan offers different benefits to expats and its citizens.

  • 4
    Group/Employee Health insurance Plans

    The Group / Employee Health Insurance plans are designed for a group of people for companies that have employees working. The premium cost is less for this plan and is the major benefit for employers.

  • 5
    Senior citizen health insurance plans

    As the name indicates, this health insurance plan is for senior citizens. Senior citizens are prone to more critical illness and hence this plan is designed for them. The plan is for anyone who 60 years and above. The premium cost for this plan can be discounted, however, there are only a few insurance companies in Dubai that offer this insurance plan as the medical risk associated with this age is high.

What are all included in the health insurance policy list?

As strict rules have been key in the progress of Dubai, the health insurance policies also follow strict rules regulated by the government. Every policyholder has an insurance policy for a stipulated time with all the inclusion mentioned in the policy. However, every health insurance policy is different from each other, below listed are the major inclusions in a basic health insurance policy:

  • Pre-existing diseases and health illnesses
  • In-patient hospitalization costs
  • Day care procedures
  • New-born or maternity care
  • Pre and post hospitalization
  • Health check-ups
  • Ambulance charges
  • Medication
  • Room rent charges
  • Vaccination and inoculations

What are the health insurance exclusions?

Each insurance company has different exclusions in its health insurance plan. Some of the most common exclusions are listed below:

  • Dental and orthodontics are mostly excluded under health policies. But a separate coverage can be purchased
  • Home Nursing care
  • Weight loss programs or any treatments related to obesity including surgical or non-surgical are excluded for the plan
  • Experimental research, or treatments
  • Any cosmetic medical services such as breast implants. However, this is not to be linked with cosmetic surgery for improved physiological function, which is usually not excluded
  • Items purchased for personal comfort
  • Sterilization or contraception
  • Smoking programs
  • Prosthetics or similar medical equipment or procedures
  • Mental health conditions

How to file a claim for health insurance in Dubai?

Claiming your health insurance is sometimes difficult and sometimes hassle-free. Here are two major ways to claim your health insurance:

  • Within the hospital network

    Since most of the insurance companies and hospitals are partnered across in Dubai, the insured will be able to avail of the insurance benefits without spending any amount within the mentioned period.

  • Outside the hospital network

    If you are hospitalized in centers that do not avail of your insurance company, you may still get treated there and submit all the bills and documents pertaining to your treatment. This will help you get a reimbursement from your insurance company subject to eligibility set by the insurance provider.

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