Services for residential and business cleaning in Dubai have been increasing and are currently at their peak. The demand for businesses to offer deep cleaning services for downtown Dubai corporate buildings is growing. Setting the ground rules for employees that arrived from different parts of the world as many investors and businesses witnessed heavy potential in this building cleaning industry became vital for success.

Everyone holds a winning formula! So, most houses began hiring drivers, senior caretakers, cooks, cleaners, nannies, etc. Because these families have an active life and depend heavily on the support of the maids, it is very essential for every family that their maids get support, whether they are sponsored from abroad or employed via a cleaning company in Dubai, as they are an unavoidable part of the family.

The fundamental health insurance UAE for maids, however, is frequently disregarded in everyday practice and could have an effect on the sponsors' initial cost estimates down the road. The sponsoring and hiring processes need adherence to protocols.

Standard Procedures

If you hire a foreign housekeeping professional for the first time, you should make a budget for the completion of the visa application and processing, basic living expenses, a monthly salary, accommodation, and yearly flights to the maid's country of origin.

We all know that the procedure is very simple! But some firms fail to factor insurance into their cost analyses. Maid insurance has several forms, but it all begins with basic health insurance in Dubai and the UAE, which is vital since you need the person who assists you around the house to be in good physical condition so that they can carry out all of the activities important to keep the home operating smoothly.

Health Insurance UAE

It's not just the health of the maid that's in doubt; practical experience has shown that safeguarding your home and your finances if the maid has an accident is also vital. Third-party liability is also important for your good as an employer because occasional theft from the home is also possible.

The laws governing medical insurance Dubai and the UAE are different per emirate. The HAAD (Health Authority Abu Dhabi) oversees Abu Dhabi's healthcare industry, while the DHA (Dubai Health Authority) oversees Dubai's policies. People who keep a legitimate Dubai-issued residence permit must now purchase health insurance UAE coverage for the duration of their residency after the Dubai government began implementing the requirement for health insurance in Dubai and the UAE within the Emirate several years ago.

The law mentions that the designated employee's spouse, children, and domestic workers such as drivers, chefs, and maids must all be covered by and eligible for a basic health insurance uae plan. The EBP (Essential Benefits Plan) provides this fundamental health insurance in Dubai and the UAE. Employers are not permitted by law or custom to deduct employee premiums or lower their pay to cover the insurance policy price.

People who need to sponsor a full- or part-time maid must make sure they offer the right health insurance uae coverage because the law has already been completely applied. For each month when coverage is not given, sponsors will be punished with an AED 500 fine per employee. Moreover, no new visas will be issued, and existing ones won't be extended.

Particularly in such a bustling metropolis as Dubai, many people truly do not have enough time to concentrate on all the procedures required for these things. is one of the best insurance companies in UAE with rich years of experience in the industry. We offer free registration assistance, super-simple claims, dedicated customer service, and quick and easy processing. Our experts are always ready to answer your doubts related to your insurance demand. Please feel free to ring us!

Maids who get the amount of AED 4,000 or less monthly need to be covered by one of the many authorized insurance companies in Dubai, including those that offer Takaful. The sponsor should organize and fund these insurance policies. The Essential Benefits Plan, which is the entry-level package, has an annual price of between AED 500 and AED 725. This plan gives a maximum coverage of AED 150,000.

What is an Essential Benefits Plan (EBP)?

The Essential Benefits Plan includes the bare minimum of protection required for all Dubai citizens, other domestic employees, and maids. The following are the most important benefits included in this coverage: AED 150,000 is the annual insurance claim maximum, only Emirates are eligible for emergency care in the UAE, a fundamental healthcare package is offered in the Emirate of Dubai, and medical care for persistent and current illnesses is available after the initial six months.

The insured must pay a 20% co-insurance for basic inpatient medical treatments, with a cap of AED 500 per encounter and a yearly aggregate cap of AED 1,000. The insurance companies in UAE will be responsible for covering anything exceeding these caps.

AED 1,500 is the annual cap on drug and medical costs. Also, the insured person is responsible for a 30% co-insurance for every prescription they fill. EBP is a fundamental plan that only applies to the Emirates and aims to lower general expenditures related to health risks, treatments, and check-ups. So don’t forget to cover your household employees.

What is Liability Insurance?

If you are a sponsor, then you should ensure that the plan covers the risk of the maid unintentionally damaging someone else's property (Maid Liability) as well as the danger of her suffering an injury while working on your property (Employers Liability). An unintentional fire set by your maid in a windy and hot city like Dubai that can cause danger to nearby properties should also be considered. There are many chances for causes and effects. So, it is vital to have insurance to give essential financial support in adverse situations.

Various insurance companies in Dubai and the UAE offer different types of policies, and you can easily choose the ones that best match your circumstances right now. Employer's Liability Insurance makes you legally accountable to pay according to the disease or accident of your maids. It is available under some home insurance plans at AED 250,000. You must note that the upper limit varies between insurance companies in UAE.

Daily clinic consultations, basic testing and patient referrals, maternity health coverage, and emergency treatment are all added to the initial and standard fundamental package. The plan includes provisions for your maid's medical and repatriation costs in the context of disability or death. The cash benefit that may be offered by your insurer will be AED 30,000 (minimum), but it might be accepted by your insurer. In such hard situations, one should not be unprepared.

Reports on Medical Fitness

Your maid must pass a medical fitness exam no later than 30 days after reaching the UAE to get a residency visa, which is a crucial step in the sponsorship and recruitment process. In addition to being vaccinated against Hepatitis B, maids must do prenatal and other health screenings. The employer covers this as one of his duties during this process.

You as their employer should offer them all the perks, support, and prerequisites for a well-established existence in Dubai to preserve the household's order and cleanliness, win your trust, and be there for you when you need them.

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