Many people around the world are questioning whether or not Golden Visa holders must buy health insurance UAE. Since Golden Visas are self-sponsored, you are subject to the requirements of Dubai Health Insurance Law No. 11 of 2013 with regard to getting insurance for both you and your family, whose UAE visas are sponsored by you. 

According to the law, the sponsor is required to

1. Cover the individuals they are sponsoring if their employer has not already done so.

2. Pay for such health insurance in Dubai and the UAE coverage themselves rather than forcing the beneficiaries to do so. 

3. Confirm that the health insurance uae coverage provided to the individuals thus sponsored is valid for the duration of their stay or visit.

4. In the event that any of the individuals so sponsored lack health insurance, pay for any necessary medical services and interventions for them.

5. Give the health insurance card to the people who were sponsored in this way.

6. Provide health insurance coverage for the issuance or renewal of the sponsored individuals' resident or visiting visas.

7. Any additional duties outlined by the authority following resolutions made in this regard. 

The sponsor must obtain health insurance in Dubai and the UAE for himself and his family members, including the holders of a Golden Visa, under the terms of Article 11.

Holders of the Esaad Privilege Card from Dubai Police with Golden Visas in the UAE are given preferential offers or discounts on a variety of services and goods, including insurance coverage. Holders of Esaad Privilege Cards can speak with insurance brokers in Dubai for additional details. 

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