With immediate effect, the Dubai-Hatta Road's posted speed limit has been lowered from 100 km/h to 80 km/h. The speed limit has been lowered on the roughly six-kilometer stretch of road connecting Dubai, Ajman, and the Al Hosn roundabout by Dubai's RTA (Roads and Transport Authority).

80 km/h signs have been installed in place of the existing 100 km/h signs. To inform motorists of the established traffic safety regulations, red lines will be placed at the beginning of the speed reduction zone. The RTA and Dubai Police Headquarters worked together to reduce the speed.

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The new effect is based on research that takes the Hatta Master Development Plan into account. The analysis includes an estimate of future traffic loads on the Dubai-Hatta Road as well as enhancement alternatives for the road. 

A Mark of Goodness on the Road

The speed limit zone is marked with red lines at the beginning, as is standard procedure on Dubai's highways. The zone is around six kilometers long. RTA depends on Dubai's speed management manual, which is in line with the highest international standards, to continually examine the speed restrictions on important Dubai highways.

For the best rates of speed, traffic flow, and traffic accidents, the manual identifies the proper criteria and metrics. The design speed of the road and the average speed at which cars are seen to move are two elements that influence whether the speed is reduced or increased. 

Along with considering traffic volumes and accidents, it's crucial to evaluate the degree of urban development on either side of the roadway, pedestrian movement, and other essential services.

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