Drivers in the UAE are strictly warned not to park vehicles in waterlogged areas during times of heavy rain. You should remember that the majority of car insurance in Dubai and the UAE might not cover engine damage. As the country has had torrential rain now, and as a result, there have been cases reported where vehicles have been submerged in low-lying and flooded areas. The situation is worse, and it will result in heavy damage to the vehicle, including its engine.

The Executive Director, Unitrust Insurance Broker, Moin ur Rehman comments that drivers need to file an insurance claim if they get their car entirely or partially drowned after a downpour that damaged the car and its engine. Do you know? If you are parked in a waterlogged area, the car is entirely or partially drenched in water, and the engine is damaged, you might not be able to file a claim for motor insurance online or offline with the insurance companies in UAE.

You should be conscious when you drive through waterlogged areas because insurance companies in Dubai and the UAE might deny your claim. It’s your responsibility to go through the terms and conditions of the car insurance online or offline to avoid future clashes and risks. Here, you should find out whether it covers natural calamities and flooding or not. Some insurance companies in UAE occasionally might leave out these main points, so they won't consider your claim, Moin ur Rehman stated.

Please read everything about your car insurance Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or any other emirate offer carefully and try your maximum to travel safely on the roads. Everyone must understand that driving across a flooded road or puddle would only encourage damage to engines, which most car insurance in Dubai and the UAE does not cover.

In short, if your car is stalled on a flooded road, don’t try to start it because doing so could increase the possibility of engine damage and jeopardize your car insurance in Dubai and the UAE claim. We suggest you park on the side of the road, preferably in an elevated zone, to prevent heavy damage.

Try to purchase reliable motor insurance online or offline. The chance to utilize facilities like roadside assistance, towing, and more must be included in the comprehensive car insurance online or offline policy that customers finalize and purchase. If your car gets stranded on a flood plain, these services are really helpful. All of these services have solid built-in plans and will benefit you. During the rainy season, many insurance companies in Dubai and the UAE have noticed a 20–25% spike in engine-related claims. 

Garages Are on Busy Days

Due to the bad weather, there have been numerous reports of vehicles breaking down while being driven, while some locals left their cars unattended in the parking lot. Additionally, the nation recently witnessed a spike in the number of cars arriving in garages. 

Near the police school, JM, a vehicle owner, said that his car broke down in the middle of Al Wasl Road. "I don't know what happened," he admitted. "I think water got into the engine, and now I am waiting for the tow truck," he added. Mohammed Ali Haseeb, the owner of Al Qalib Garage in Sharjah Industrial Area 17, has been very busy. The heavy entries of vehicles hauled into his garage at a time startled him. 

Haseeb added, "I was surprised to see so many vehicles coming into my workshop complaining of problems caused by rain like engine problems, dysfunctional brakes, short circuits in electrical systems, headlight replacement, and a few other malfunctions." People here often neglect the wipers due to the dry weather conditions. But it's essential not only during rain but in summer as well, and it should be changed once or twice a year. "I replaced the wipers on nearly seven cars yesterday." 

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