People who are purchasing car insurance in Dubai or another emirate of the UAE for the first time may feel the process is highly complex. It's nothing to be worried about, though. While there are some rather apparent dos and don'ts, there are also many myths and misconceptions about motor insurance in Dubai or any other city in the UAE. Do your research and consult the professionals; the method is known as the ‘fail-safe formula.’

Choosing the best car insurance in the UAE is an easy task with infinite insurance companies and policies to pick from. So, in this article, we debunk the myths and misconceptions that society has created about car insurance.

Myth 1 - No one can transfer a no-claims bonus.

Fact - Don’t worry! You can transfer your no-claim bonus! As the driver, you are the one who owns your no-claims bonus with your driving record for motor insurance. As long as you have formal bonus proof, your NCB is transferable, whether you change insurance providers or vehicles. When you try to transfer NCB to someone else, it becomes a failure because you cannot do that!

Myth 2 - Older vehicles do not require insurance

Fact - No matter how old a car is, its insurance in the UAE is compulsory by law. You are committing a criminal offense that is eligible for punishment if you don't have an insurance policy that at the very least covers Third-Party Liability. It is a necessity at the minimum level, but comprehensive insurance is totally up to you if you want to insure your vehicle for theft, damage, and other unforeseen events.

Myth 3 - Comprehensive insurance covers everything

Fact - This is most likely the greatest car insurance misconception! Don't be deceived by the label "Comprehensive" because, like other insurances, there are some sorts of losses, both material and financial, that aren't covered. Don’t forget to read the exclusions part of the insurance policy you want to choose to know what is not covered. Typical exclusions include things like wear and tear, consequential losses, depreciation in value, and driving a vehicle while intoxicated.

Myth 4 - Coverage under car insurance is for traffic accidents only

Fact - Another common misconception about car insurance is that buying a policy only protects you in the event of an accident on the road. If you have third-party car insurance, this is somewhat true, but even then, it only protects you against damage to other people's vehicles, not your own. Only a comprehensive policy will pay for damage to your car if you are involved in an accident for which you are found to be at fault. Anyway, your car is protected and surely covered from various risks with this kind of policy, both on and off the road; it includes theft, flood, accidental damage, fire, and malicious damage. So, we recommend choosing a comprehensive policy as it, of course, provides peace of mind at an affordable rate!

Myth 5 - Buying car insurance is not a tough task

Fact - Finding the best car insurance in Dubai or any other emirate is not a challenging task! Take only the time necessary to learn more about the entire procedure, the various policies available, and the benefits of each. Using one of the more established, reputable motor insurance companies in the UAE will make the process a lot simpler than it has ever been, thanks to the development of useful platforms on the internet, instant dial services, and comparison websites. You can quickly and easily secure the insurance package that best meets your needs and have your policy documentation shared with you in a matter of minutes. Check out to find 30,000+ car insurance quotes that truly meet your needs.

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