Healthcare specialists claim the UAE's successful treatment of Covid-19 shows the country's capacity to tackle monkeypox. On May 24, the UAE announced its first case of monkeypox. The infection was found in a 29-year-old West African traveler. The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has stated that the government is adequately equipped to deal with any issues.

Despite the fact that a case has been detected in the nation, healthcare professionals have informed citizens that there is no reason to be concerned, as regulatory organizations have increased surveillance for suspected instances.

Internal medicine specialist Dr. Jyoti Upadhyay of Aster Hospital in Mankhool stated that “: "It is certain that the number of cases is increasing in the West. However, in the United Arab Emirates, everything is under control."

Dr. Upadhyay stated the UAE's healthcare system had "learned a lot from battling a lethal pandemic," citing the UAE's earlier experience with the Covid-19 epidemic.

Healthcare standards in UAE have been enhanced as a result of lessons learned from coping with a pandemic, according to Dr. Mohamed Rafique, medical director, and pulmonology expert at Prime Hospital. He stated, "The country is ready and prepared for any epidemic." According to specialists, monkeypox is less infectious and milder than Covid-19. "Monkeypox is not particularly infectious," Dr. Rafique explained, "but low infectivity allows for human-to-human transmission."

Doctors also praised government health agencies for issuing guidance as soon as the outbreak of monkeypox was discovered in other countries. "The departments are also providing frequent updates and commendable surveillance procedures, as well as diagnostic facilities to identify suspicious instances," added Dr. Rafique.

"Even the citizens here are educated," Dr. Upadhayay said, "and people now know how to keep viral illnesses at bay." Although monkeypox isn't as contagious as Covid, physicians have warned locals not to relax their guard. "The Ministry of Health and Prevention, as well as other regulatory organizations," Dr. Upadhayay stated, "are constantly watching the situation." "There is a fool-proof system in place. There's no reason to be concerned; we're all secure."

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