Thumbay Group, a private healthcare organization based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), intends to launch the Gulf region's first virtual hospital. According to a top executive at the healthcare organization, the Group is working hard to complete the project by October.

Thumbay Group Launches First Virtual Hospital in UAE

Dr. Thumbay Moideen, the founder of Thumbay Group, indicated that the projected Metaverse hospital will be a full virtual healthcare institution. Patients can consult with physicians using their avatars.

Moideen noted that, with the growing development in medical tourism, the hospital will let tourists see what the Metaverse will look like from the plane and visit the Thumbay healthcare center.

Concerning how Thumbays' staff will traverse the Metaverse, the hospital has recruited a business to teach all doctors how to treat patients in the virtual realm.

However, no decision on the cost has been made, although the creator claimed that it would most likely correspond to the healthcare operator's tele-consultation rates.

Thumbay Group's vice president, Akbar Moideen, said that Thumbay Group will incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into the hospital's system in another technological part of the virtual hospital.

Once a patient enters the hospital area, an AI-powered system will recognize their license plate number and face recognition. Furthermore, as soon as the patient enters the reception area, a file is established because no identification is necessary. The vice president revealed that the Group will apply the same technique at all Thumbay plants.

For example, if a patient goes to the pharmacy, the system immediately informs the pharmacist that the patient is there to pick up his prescribed medications.

Thumbay Enforces AR and VR Technology for Intensive Care Patients

The hospital has implemented AR and VR technologies to assist crippled or long-term care patients in staying connected to their homes. Patients will be permitted to wear headsets to view their houses, which may have a psychological impact on their recuperation.

Moreover, Thumbay Group intends to deliver exceptional healthcare services not only to UAE residents but also to other international citizens visiting the UAE for medical tourism.

Terminally ill patients can use headgear to experience their home surroundings thanks to AR and VR technology. The vice-president went on to say that the hospital is keen to embrace the digital environment and use its technologies to give patients holistic healthcare.

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Once the first virtual hospital experience is launched, the Metaverse will see a significant increase in medical tourism.

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