Dune-bashing in Dubai is a fantastic opportunity to explore the sands and have some fun, whether or not you are an excitement at heart. Because it is an amazing experience, drifting over Dubai's gentle dunes continues to remain at the top of most travelers' wish lists.

To ensure the public safety of the passengers Dubai police has recently launched an awareness campaign for drivers of tour companies.

So here in this blog let’s find out what are the safety rules for drivers of tour companies for dune bashing.

Let’s dive into more details about it. 

Set up vehicles for rocky terrain and potential obstacles in the desert.

Be sure your vehicle can off-road; preferably a classic SUV type (that meets specific requirements), like a Jeep Wrangler, and not a crossover for urban dwellers. Check that the vehicle has the required front and rear tow hooks. Without these, it would be challenging to free the car if it became stuck in the sand.

Adjust the tire pressure of your vehicle.

Depending on the terrain, and how loose the sand is, you might need to reduce the tire pressure to 15 PSI or such. Furthermore, a portable air compressor is required to re-air them before returning to paved public roads.

Always have a safety kit, as well as other essentials, with you while traveling off-road.

Do not carry anything else in your vehicle than the essentials. Personal belongings like mobile phones, wallets, sunglasses, and other valuables should be kept in the dashboard or glove box. 

Everything must be firmly attached to the boot, including toolboxes, a first aid kit, gauges, and camping supplies. This will encourage your driving experience because it allows you to concentrate only on the road.

Change to four-wheel drive, then drive steadily and gently to make it easier to maneuver across the desert.

Therefore, the four-wheel drive you'll be using to get to the desert has to be in fantastic condition. It is crucial for your day's experience as a pleasant and safe journey for you and your passengers. 

Tips For Safe Driving in Desert Areas.

It's critical to comprehend the sort of desert you are in and the kind of dune you're driving on in order to know desert driving.

Evaluate the dunes: Recognize and comprehend your surroundings. Note that all slide faces are perpendicular to the prevailing wind if you're in an area with crescent-shaped dunes. 

Seif (longitudinal) dunes, which are sculpted by bidirectional winds and feature slip faces on each side, can be seen in several deserts in the Arabian Peninsula. You can choose the best trail by knowing the various dune formations. 

Keep Momentum: Driving in the desert requires the ability to keep the proper velocity. Maintaining the proper balance between traction and velocity is crucial when driving in the desert, especially in difficult terrain, hot, dry conditions, and loose sand. 

Over-accelerating is getting into trouble, especially when starting from a stop. Keep away from regions with plenty of tracks. That is not only quite unpleasant to drive, but it is also a wonderful way to lose speed going uphill.

Keep Distance:  When traveling in a convoy, be cautious and maintain a safe distance from one another. The driver of the lead vehicle will frequently pause or slow down as they form a trail to see ahead. Maintain a safe following distance and check that the car in front of you has enough room to turn around if required.

Communication Between Others: Using walkie-talkies is a useful technique to communicate between moving cars. There might be a nasty gully, vegetation, a tiny tree, etc on the hill's blind side. Make sure to convey that you are heading back in the other direction when someone gets stopped and the lead car turns around.

Follow The Safety Guidelines and Enjoy Your Drive.

Driving in the desert might be risky if you aren't prepared because of the dry atmosphere and extreme heat. To guarantee that your enjoyable trip does not end in tragedy, make sure you get the appropriate materials in advance and have your vehicle inspected before you start. Get in touch with policyhouse.com if you have any queries related to motor insurance in Dubai. Prepare yourself for some stunning scenery and take pleasure in the journey! 

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