The procedure for transferring ownership of a car in Sharjah needs collaboration from both the buyer and the seller. A crucial step in starting the transfer is going to the Sharjah Traffic and Licensing Department.

What is the Ownership Transfer Process?

The ownership transfer process includes a series of important actions intended to make the transfer go smoothly. The following actions must be taken by the buyer and seller in order for the transfer to start:

  • • Filling out a vehicle ownership transfer form: This important form is the cornerstone of the ownership transfer process. Comprehensive and accurate detail is crucial to avoid any possible hiccups during the transfer.

  • • Submission of important documents: A copy of a valid Emirates ID, the completed car ownership transfer form, and a valid Emirates ID are among the main documents that both parties must submit. These records are crucial for confirming identities and guaranteeing that the transfer laws are being followed.

  • • Verification of vehicle details: in order to ensure correctness and adherence to rules, the department may carry out a comprehensive review of the vehicle details.

  • • Payment of required fees: There are a number of payments related to the transfer process, including the transfer fee, vehicle testing fees, and other costs. To prevent any unexpected financial obstacles, it is crucial to have clear communication and a clear understanding of these expenses.

This joint visit is an essential opportunity for both the buyer and the seller to be present. By being present simultaneously, you can ensure that the transfer process is actively participated in, avoiding any delays or potential issues. It also makes it simpler to get prompt answers to any queries or inconsistencies that could come up. The ownership transfer request will be processed by the Traffic and Licensing Department after the visit. Although there may be a delay during this processing phase, patience is encouraged. The department will issue a new Mulkiya (auto registration card) in the buyer's name if the transfer is completed successfully.

What is the Mulkiya Transfer Fee in Sharjah?

The Mulkiya, or transfer fee, for vehicle ownership, varies based on a number of variables, including the type and age of the vehicle. The Traffic and Licensing Department must collect the transfer fee in order to process the ownership change. You will need to pay 150 AED for the new passing certificate and 450 AED for the transfer certificate in order to cover the transfer charge. For the most up-to-date information, it is advised to visit the Traffic and Licensing Department's official website or check the most recent charge schedule there.

Registration of Change of Ownership

In order to register a change of ownership, you must submit the required paperwork, which includes a completed vehicle transfer form, a copy of your passport, and a valid Emirates ID. After processing the request, the Traffic and Licensing Department will successfully transfer ownership by issuing a new Mulkiya in the buyer's name.

How Much Does a Sharjah Car Ownership Transfer Cost?

There are a number of fees and costs related to changing car ownership in Sharjah, and it is crucial for anyone involved in the process to be aware of these financial factors. Check out this for a more clear explanation:

Automobile ownership transfer fee: This cost varies according to the type of vehicle and whether a company or an individual is transferring ownership. The following fees are indicated on the Ministry of Interior's official website:

  • • 300 AED - light private vehicle

  • • 300 AED - light public vehicle

  • • 400 AED - shipping 3 tons private

  • • 650 AED - shipping 3 tons public

  • • 500 AED - light mechanical private equipment

  • • 700 AED - light mechanical public equipment

  • • 400 AED - shipping less than 12 tons, private

  • • 650 AED - shipping less than 12 tons, public

  • • 800 AED - shipping more than 12 tons, private

  • • 1000 AED - shipping more than 12 tons, public

  • • 300 AED - private buses with less than 27 passengers

  • • 400 AED - public buses with less than 27 passengers

  • • 600 AED - private buses with more than 27 passengers

  • • 600 AED - public buses with more than 27 passengers

Vehicle testing fees: As part of the ownership transfer process, vehicles are usually tested to ensure roadworthiness and compliance with safety regulations. The cost of these inspections, which may involve testing the car's general safety features, emissions, and mechanical condition, is covered by the testing fees.

Other miscellaneous charges: Throughout the ownership transfer process, there may be additional costs involved. These can include administrative fees, paperwork fees, and any unexpected costs related to the transfer. These other costs can differ, so people should ask about them at the start of the process to ensure there are no surprises later.

It's important to remember that the exact costs of these fees could vary and could be revised by the right authorities. People are urged to check directly with the Traffic and Licensing Department in Sharjah or visit their official website for the most up-to-date and correct information regarding transfer fees and related charges. When planning a budget for a vehicle ownership transfer in Sharjah, people should account for both the established fees and any potential unexpected costs. Understanding the financial parts of the procedure ensures a more seamless and transparent transfer of ownership, avoiding any unforeseen financial obstacles.

Transfer Options: In-counter and Online

There are online and in-counter options available for the ownership transfer process. For individuals who would want to streamline the process from the comfort of their homes, the option online offers ease in comparison to the traditional in-counter technique, which necessitates your visit to the Traffic and Licensing Department. It's crucial to remember that not all transactions might be accessible online, so it makes sense to find out if your transfer qualifies in advance.

Procedure for Organization and Person: Customizing the Experience 

The ownership transfer process serves both individuals and businesses. While individuals adhere to a simple process, businesses that oversee a fleet of vehicles could require extra documents. Check out this for a more clear explanation:


The ownership transfer method for individual car owners is rather simple to follow:

  • • Visit the Department of Traffic and Licensing: People visit the Traffic and Licensing Department in Sharjah to start the process, just like with any other ownership transfer.

  • • Filling out required forms: Generally, people have to fill out the standard Vehicle Ownership Transfer Form correctly, providing details about the seller, the buyer, and the vehicle.

  • • Submission of personal documents: The department must get the necessary personal documents, which include a copy of your passport, a valid Emirates ID, and the completed transfer form.

  • • Payment of transfer fees: In connection with the transfer of ownership, individuals are required to pay all applicable transfer fees, testing costs, and other fees.

  • • Joint visit with the buyer: in order to ensure a seamless transfer of ownership, the buyer and seller must be present at the department when the final documentation is completed.


Additional procedures and documentation may be required in the ownership transfer process for businesses that oversee a fleet of vehicles.

  • • Submission of company documentation: Companies are usually obliged to submit extra documentation, such as the trading license, letters of authorization, and copies of the approved signatories' passports and Emirates IDs.

  • • Verification of fleet compliance: in order to ensure the whole fleet conforms to business laws and standards, the Traffic and Licensing Department will carry out further inspections.

  • • Comprehensive documentation review: in order to ensure accuracy and compliance with legal requirements, firms' provided documentation is subject to a thorough review.

  • • Coordination with fleet management: To ensure a seamless transfer procedure, businesses must work closely with their internal fleet management teams to collect and submit all required documentation.

  • • Fee payment: Just like individuals, businesses are required to pay the applicable transfer fees and related charges. The exact amount will depend on the number and type of vehicles being moved.

In order to ensure a successful ownership transfer, ensure compliance with the particular standards for each category.

Ownership Types: Recognizing Your Options

Sharjah acknowledges three different types of vehicle ownership: joint, single, and ownership by a legal body. Before starting the transfer process, it is crucial to determine the appropriate type, since each has different needs and factors to consider.

Procedure for Personal and Commercial Vehicles

There are a few minor differences in the ownership transfer process between personal and business vehicles. Even while the basic procedures stay the same, commercial vehicles—much like the transfer of car ownership for businesses, may need extra documents to confirm ownership and guarantee adherence to business standards.

Documentation and Legal Framework Needed for Personal and Company Vehicles

Any ownership transfer must be done in accordance with the law. The main requirements for individuals are a completed vehicle transfer form, a copy of their passport, and a valid Emirates ID. On the other side, companies need to provide extra documentation, including trade licenses, letters of authorization, copies of passports, and the Emirates IDs of approved signatories.

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