The RTA's Salik, an automated electronic toll gate system in Dubai, is a noteworthy project. Any car entering or already running in Dubai must register for Salik. You can simply pay tolls in Dubai with Salik tags without having to stop at each toll gate. Here, the amount will be automatically withdrawn from your Salik account after the Salik label has been secured to the windscreen of your vehicle.

Please note that you must have sufficient funds in your account for this procedure. You need to use the Salik account number to view your Salik balance in addition to topping off your account. Now, let’s find out how to use an account number to check your Salik balance online.

The Salik balance check with an account number is a simple thing, just like all other RTA-governed ways. Follow the steps listed below to check your Salik balance:

Dial 800 Salik (72545) to get Salik self-service, which is available around the clock.

Choose your preferred language by pressing either 1 for Arabic or 2 for English.

To access your Salik account, press 3 and enter your account number and PIN.

Press 1 to check the balance in your Salik account.

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If you are unsure of the Salik account number and PIN, then simply sign into your Salik account and check on the right side. The same option is also available in your account's profile settings. However, to access the account, you must keep in mind the PIN that was given to you. Call the Salik helpline if you've lost it and request to get it back once again.

The Smart Salik App and the RTA website are other online resources for checking your Salik balance in Dubai. The Smart Salik app will be available to install from both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. In the app, you just need to click "check Salik balance" in the Salik section and enter the account number and PIN. It will show your account's current balance

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