We all know that car insurance in Dubai is very important for all drivers, and the premium you pay will be decided by several variables. These usually include your age, driving history, brand, model, and manufactured year of the vehicle. If you offer truthful answers and pay the agreed-upon fee, you should be fine if you need to claim your vehicle insurance after an accident or if your car is stolen or damaged.

There are some frequent mistakes that may cause insurance companies in UAE to cancel your policy or refuse to pay out in the event of a claim. Let's have a look at some of the scenarios that can put you in a bind before checking on how a canceled insurance policy or a canceled vehicle insurance claim can affect you.

Breaking Traffic Regulations

Have you experienced a run-in with the cops or authorities because of a traffic rule breach? While the intensity of these offenses varies, penalties for running red lights and speeding may have already grabbed the attention of your vehicle insurance, which may have marked you as a high-risk driver.

The most serious situations, such as driving under the influence of alcohol, which can end in a license suspension or being behind bars, might offer insurance companies in Dubai compelling reasons to terminate your policy.

Leaving The Vehicle Unlocked

A common blunder made by drivers is leaving the car unlocked. This increases the vehicle's vulnerability to vandalism and theft, and insurance providers may defend themselves against your negligence in the fine print of your policy. If it is found that your car was damaged or stolen as a result of being left open, the insurance broker in Dubai or the company you bought the policy from may deny the claim.

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Not Minding Repairs and Maintenance

The safety regulations of the nation require that all vehicles be kept in roadworthy condition at all times. Motorists are encouraged to send their vehicles in for routine maintenance and to have any flaws corrected without delay. Car insurance claims are only valid if the vehicle is well-maintained. You may not be insured if you don't mind having a crucial problem rather than having it checked.

Using Your Own Vehicle for Business

Most car insurance policies specify unequivocally that coverage is limited to the driver's personal use of the vehicle. If your personal vehicle is found to be in use for business purposes at the time of the occurrence, your claim may be declined. A commercial vehicle license is needed for commercial use.

Car Lending to a Friend

Any resident in the UAE over the age of 25 with more than one year of driving experience can drive, and the insurance companies in UAE will be obliged to pay at the time of an accident. If any of the standards are not met, the insured must pay 10% of the claim amount in the case of an own-fault accident or claim.

Undisclosed Car Modifications

Car modifications that change the value, safety, and performance of your vehicle may result in your insurance coverage being canceled. So, the best course of action is to notify your insurance of your modification plans. This also helps you evaluate your policy coverage and comprehend what is covered and what is not. In this case, be mindful of any alterations made by a former owner.

Intentional Insurance Fraud

Intentionally faking a claim to deceive an insurance provider can get you in trouble. Obviously, if the insurer finds that a claim was manufactured in order to grab money dishonestly, your motor insurance online or offline coverage will be canceled immediately. However, that is only the beginning of your issues. Insurance fraud is a criminal violation that will almost certainly result in a huge fine or prison sentence.

Some drivers forget to notify their insurance company of information that could raise their premiums, believing they will get away with it. That is a risky move because insurance companies in Dubai are aware of all the techniques and are on the lookout for them.

According to current UAE law, insurance companies can cancel the 'own damage' part of a comprehensive car insurance policy after providing the policyholder with 30 days' notice. In such situations, the paid-up premium is repaid to the policyholder after a proportionate amount is deducted for the time the policy was active.

However, the insurance company does not have to believe you are lying. Even a seemingly innocuous mistake might result in a claim rejection or policy cancellation, leaving you responsible for any repairs, damage, and, in some situations, medical expenses out of the budget plan. If you cause damage to other people's property or harm others in an accident that is your fault, you must pay for both.

The major thing is to carefully look into the policy paper, be aware of all the demands, and make sure that you are following the guidelines. If in doubt, ask for clarification from your insurance - and get it in writing. When it comes to buying car insurance in Dubai policy, ignorance is not an option. Every policyholder must be fully aware of their policy specifics and act perfectly with their 'insured asset.' 

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