One of the most frequently asked questions is how to claim a car theft incident. Although a car theft can be upsetting to the car owner, try to remain calm and take the necessary steps as soon as possible. The process will go smoothly if you are completely aware of the next steps in this context. 

Before we go ahead and tell you in detail about the steps to claim, let us also tell you that having motor insurance in Dubai is a must, both from the legal side and your side. It will help you prevent financial troubles during an accident or theft. is a trustworthy platform with 30000+ policies of car insurance in Dubai

The moment you realize that your vehicle has been stolen, call the police to inform them. Since the police have trained detection skills that could result in the prompt recovery of your car in a short period, it is crucial to allow them to do their work as swiftly as possible. It will ease the job of the police and increase the possibility of recovering your loss within a day. We suggest not playing the role of a detective and finding it yourself without any assistance from the authorities. Instead, call the police in the next second! 

The next step is, of course, contacting your insurance provider to file a claim for the car theft. As part of opening your theft report at the police station over the Internet or by phone, you will get a reference to legally ask for the claim. Fill out the claim form and provide full details about the incident. They will demand the original police report, so be sure to give it to them as soon as you have it from the police. 

Visit RTA (Dubai Road Traffic Authority) if you need copies of your car registration documents to complete your claim if they were in the car at the time it was stolen. If your vehicle is used in any type of criminal activity or misdemeanor, you should inform the RTA about the theft so that you aren't unfairly blamed and the real criminals are found out.

If a paper claim form is required, collect all the important documents your insurer has asked for and submit them. Don't count on things to happen right away. Because extensive investigations must be conducted, theft claims take a while to settle. Any claim cannot be settled until the police affirm that their investigation is complete. Your insurance will settle your claim as soon as all of the investigations are finished. Please note that the payment from the insurance provider will be based on the vehicle's current market value.

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