In the UAE, the cost of living is higher than that of other Middle eastern nations. The high living cost might be difficult, especially if you live with your family in the UAE. 

Having a family comes with different financial commitments and responsibilities, one of which is ensuring that each person is covered by health insurance. You must get the required health insurance in UAE for you and your family if you intend to live in the UAE.

Health insurance is mandatory in all the emirates by the first quarter of 2023. The provision of health insurance in UAE for employees and their families is the responsibility of employers and sponsors in all the emirates. Dubai law mandates that employers offer their staff health insurance coverage. Sponsors must get medical insurance for the dependents who are living with them.

So here in this blog let’s find out why health insurance is mandatory in the UAE.

Why Do You Need Comprehensive Health Insurance?

A comprehensive health plan provides a wide range of medical treatments. The coverage can aid in minimizing treatment expenditures associated with accidents, diseases, or urgent medical situations.  A complete health plan also includes coverage for many additional expenses related to hospitalization.

Benefits of  Health insurance In UAE

Secures financial situation: Healthcare costs have increased far more rapidly than normal inflation. This pattern won't probably slow down over time. Paying for high-cost hospitalizations might become unsustainable if you don't have access to any form of medical insurance in the UAE. 

Health insurance companies in UAE can provide you with the significant financial assistance you require in times of medical emergency as a financial safety net for high medical costs. The possibility for better health, more savings, regular check-ups, and financial security are all essential benefits of getting insurance in the UAE.

Offers Payment-Free Services: All of the challenges of finding money to pay for medical expenses are alleviated with complete health insurance coverage and a cashless facility. It handles the difficulties with reimbursement and eliminates paying upfront for necessary medical bills.

By choosing the cashless option, your insurance provider may save financial strain while offering you peace of mind by paying hospital expenses immediately.

Free Medical Examinations: A comprehensive health plan enables you to have free yearly check-ups or medical check-ups every two or four years, depending on when you got the health plan. This is a crucial advantage since it enables you to take the appropriate actions to address any health concerns identified in the medical reports. 

Additionally, taking advantage of your health insurance policy's free annual physical can help prevent avoidable health concerns because it is important to monitor one's health in today's society.

Transportation Costs: If the insured is hospitalized, the medical insurance policy will pay the costs of an ambulance to take them from their house to the hospital or the other way around.

Room Rent: If the covered person is hospitalized, they will be responsible for paying the room rent. The extent to which all such costs are covered will be guaranteed by medical insurance Dubai.

What is Covered by UAE Health Insurance?

Medical insurance policies in the UAE rigorously abide by a coverage list, which specifies the precise level of medical coverage to which a policyholder is entitled to. 

Pre and Post hospitalization

The cost of inpatient care

ambulance costs

health examinations

The daycare process

Cost of a hospital room

Immunizations and vaccinations

pregnancy or a new baby


In the event of an organ transplant, donor costs.

Pre-existing diseases and health illnesses

What is Not Covered by Health Insurance?

A medical insurance plan in the UAE may not cover a certain medical procedure or course of treatment, and this information is listed on an exclusions list. Some of the most frequent insurance exclusions include the ones listed below.

AIDS, fatal diseases, and several other disorders of a similar character

Nonallopathic medicine

sex change, hormone replacement, aesthetic surgery, etc.

Accidents brought on by terrorism, war, suicide attempts, or nuclear activities.

Simple exclusion of pregnancy-related costs unless a maternity supplement has been included in the online medical insurance policy

medical procedures to treat obesity.

Eligibility Requirements for Health Insurance

Depending on the plan chosen, the requirements for medical insurance in the UAE may change. As a general rule, everyone who is a citizen or resides in the UAE is qualified to get the finest medical insurance in Dubai. 

Some plans are available to a certain group as a specialized plan, such as senior citizen insurance plans, family medical insurance in Dubai, group medical insurance plans for workers, medical insurance plans for citizens and ex-pats, etc. 

Any citizen or resident of the UAE who can provide all the necessary paperwork and meets the specific requirements established by the insurance companies in UAE is qualified for a health insurance policy.

Get Your Life Insured and Avoid Huge Medical Expenses.

Today, everyone must face the financial realities of the need for health insurance. Maintaining coverage can provide you the assurance and joy of going about your regular life without having to stress out over the financial effect of medical crises and their related costs.

 Make the choice to obtain a comprehensive health insurance plan now to shield yourself and your family from the financial effects of illnesses and medical crises given its cost-benefit analysis. If you are looking for the best insurance companies in UAE, Get in touch with where they connect you with the most suitable insurance providers.

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