A new federal law in the UAE orders that anyone working as a healthcare practitioner without a license in the country should face a punishment of up to Dh100,000. The FNC (Federal National Council) approved two draft laws that suggested permitting certain health professionals to practice in the nation and also doing some provisional amendments of Federal Law No. 4 for 2015 on private healthcare facilities.

Whoever provides healthcare services in the nation without having a license under the terms of this legislation or who does not meet the requirements that qualify them to hold a license will be strictly punished by one of the two penalties, including imprisonment and a fine of between Dh50,000 and Dh100,000. 

According to the law, anyone who produces fake details or documents to practice the medical profession for illegal matters would likewise face the same punishment from the authorities. The legislation also mandates immediate facility closure in which the individual is engaged in unlicensed medical practice. 

In the presence of Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Owais, the Minister of Health and Prevention, and the Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs, the FNC members unanimously approved the two draft laws. 

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